FM departs for Tunisia, wraps up Mauritania visit

IRNA — Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday afternoon left Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, for the Tunisian capital, Tunis.

Mauritanian Foreign Minister Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izid Bih saw off Zarif at the airport.

Iran’s foreign minister arrived in Mauritania’s capital, Nouakchott, on Monday morning to talk with the country’s officials.

After holding talks with high-ranking Algerian officials, Zarif left Algiers Sunday morning for Mauritania.

He arrived in Algeria on Sunday afternoon and met with the country’s Prime Minister Abdelmajid Tebboune and some other senior officials.

Iran’s foreign minister will visit Tunisia today and meet senior Tunisian officials.

He departed Tehran on Sunday morning for a two-day visit to three North African countries.