Rezaei: Terrorists aim at rifting among people

IRNA – Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei said on Friday that enemies are seeking to rift between people and the Islamic establishment by terrorist attacks to prevent the country’s development and strength.

Speaking before Friday prayer sermons in Mashad, northeastern Iran, Rezarei said from the early days of the Islamic Revolution victory (1979), enemies have been trying to deal a blow to the Iranian nation through terrorist operations and then they tried to attain their sinister goals through imposing economic sanctions but both measures doomed to failure.

“Now the enemies have merged terrorist attacks and sanctions and the objective behind their firecracker games is to set up a psychological warfare,” Rezaei said.

He added, “While the former Saudi rulers fully supported Saddam (Hussein) during the eight years of Iran’s Sacred Defense (Iraq’s imposed war against Iran 1980-1988), they did not dare to openly express their supports, however, relying on the supports of the American leaders they have presently come to fight against the Islamic Iran so everyone should be vigilant.

“Time is ripe now to severely slap in the face of the enemy to push them back.”