Encouraging global cooperation in ICT Iran policy: Minister

IRNA – Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is promoting cooperation on an international level in the communication and information spheres and the related technologies, says Iranian Minister of Communications.

Mahmoud Vaezi, addressing the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum in Geneva on Wednesday, said that Iran welcomes, facilitates and encourages international cooperation in communications and information technologies (ICT).

“Only through promotion of cooperation and more engagements in the sphere of communications and information technology we can make the world a better place both for the present and future generations,” Vaezi said.

The Iranian minister of communications and information technology went on to say that Iran considers as important to pave the way for more engagements with its foreign partners and carrying out joint projects with them to develop its technologies.

“This is one of the pillars of Iran’s policies,” Vaezi said.

“There are many Iranian ICT companies that are quite eager to engage in global cooperation,” he said.

The Iranian minister then appreciated the good work done by Houlin Zhao, ITU Secretary-General and all the other committed officials and people who helped promote goals and ideals followed by WSIS.

Vaezi at the end briefed the participants of the global event on the measures taken by the Islamic Republic to provide Iranian people across the country with access to better communication tools and information technologies.