Al Saud dynasty’s days numbered: Iranian General

IFP- A senior Iranian military official says the ruling dynasty in Saudi Arabia is close to being wiped out.

Brigadier General Yadollah Javani, an advisor to Iran Leader’s representative at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), has, in an interview with the Basirat website, weighed in on Saudi Arabia’s hostile approach vis-à-vis Tehran. The following are highlights of his remarks.

Riyadh’s animosity toward Iran has different reasons, namely Saudi Arabia’s affiliation with the United States, its alignment with the Israeli regime, ideological contradictions and regional rivalries.

Since the triumph of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia has followed a hostile policy towards the Iranian nation. The Saudi regime has contributed heavily to major conspiracies against Iran over the past 38 years. As a case in point, Riyadh was one of the key backers of former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein during the eight-year Iraqi imposed war against Iran in the 1980s. But Saudi Arabia’s strategic failures in the region are the reason behind its intensified enmity against Iran.

Riyadh’s policies and programs in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen in recent years have failed. Saudi Arabia is deeply concerned about the trend of developments in strategic West Asia. The Al Saud family also has serious misgivings over the developments in Bahrain and Yemen. The fact that the Islamic Awakening movement was inspired by Iran and that Iran has a pivotal role in the resistance front has challenged Saudi Arabia’s influence over regional countries, and the Al Saud rulers feel more isolated day by day.

Saudi Arabia’s bellicose policies, especially its brutal aggression against Yemen, its illegal military invasion of Bahrain and turning Yemen into a large garrison, have made Al Saud rulers more isolated in the Muslim world. In order to advance its domineering and bellicose policies, Saudi Arabia has revealed its alignment with the Israeli regime and has committed war crimes in Yemen. Undoubtedly, the consequences of the crimes against defenseless Yemenis and the blood of innocent people shed in the country at the hands of Saudi forces will finally come back to haunt the Al Saud regime.

The Al Saud rulers should be awaiting a fate similar to that of the former Iraqi regime, i.e. annihilation and humiliation. Such crimes are only fueling Muslim nations’ hatred of Saudi Arabia every day. Saudi Arabia is regarded as the key supporter of Takfiri terrorists. In the not-too-distant future, the world will rise up because of the crimes committed by Saudi-backed terror groups, and will inflict the worst destiny upon the Al Saud regime.

[Asked whether or not Saudi-US relations could help improve Riyadh’s image in the region, the general said] the US under Trump is pursuing the policy of pocketing Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars and foreign-exchange reserves to solve America’s domestic problems. The US is grappling with domestic problems on the one hand, and has lost its influence in the strategic West Asia region on the other.

Therefore, the Al Saud dynasty’s reliance on collapsing America is like taking shelter by the side of a wall which is falling apart. The United States itself is on shaky ground in the region and has suffered strategic setbacks. So, enhancement of ties between Riyadh and Washington cannot secure lasting interests for the Al Saud rulers. The expansion of ties between the two countries will only result in the exhaustion of Saudi Arabia’s forex reserves in the near future. The US regards governments ruled by dynasties, namely Saudi Arabia, as cronies and puppets. However, Washington’s rule as a master of regional kingdoms is over, too.

[On the future of conflicts between Saudi Arabia and other regional countries as well as the Al Saud’s status in the Muslim world, the general said] The trend of developments in strategic West Asia and of developments in the Muslim world shows clearly what the future of rows between Saudi Arabia and other regional countries will be. A serious confrontation between the oppressed and oppressors is going on in the region. Regional nations have been awakened, and the resistance front in the region is becoming stronger day by day.

The awakened nations in the region are becoming more and more united, making the oppressed stronger against oppressors. Hezbollah in Lebanon, popular forces in Syria, Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, and Ansarullah in Yemen are all symbols of organized popular forces. Given that nations are invincible and ever-powerful, the oppressors’ front in the region is set to suffer a defeat. US-led Saudi Arabia is the key pillar of the oppressors in the region. With the collapse of the oppressors’ front, everybody will be witnessing the annihilation of the Al Saud dynasty as well. Al Saud rulers are now facing major problems as the Saudi nation has been awakened. Now, the security and raison d’etre of the Al Saud dynasty has been challenged inside Saudi Arabia. If this weren’t the case, Riyadh wouldn’t have given more than half of its forex reserves to Trump. The dynasty is resorting to such moves to delay its annihilation. But the reality is that the Al Saud dynasty is spiraling down the vortex of destruction.