Bahram Qassemi

Tehran terror attacks for ‘political exploitation’: Spokesman

IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on a press conference on Monday that the terror attacks on Tehran were militarily speaking crass and worthless and were carried out to create horror and be exploited politically.

Expressing his sorrow on the attacks and sympathy with the victims’ families, Qasemi added that presidents and foreign ministers from 80 countries, organizations, the Pope, and the UN general-secretary sympathized with Iran.

Answering a question regarding US attacks on Syrian Army and its allies, Qasemi said Syrian issue is a complicated one and has many players. Unfortunately, what the Americans and their allies did in Syria was in a situation where the terrorists were in a disadvantageous position; the Americans try to buy time for them and change the balance.

Foreign ministry spokesman added that US has always taken dubious actions in Syria; however, if they call for an independent country to fight the terrorists, they must rethink their conduct, stop taking such actions and let the Syrian Army and Government to create stability and security in Syrian and defend their territorial integrity.