Tehran, Damascus bid for stronger banking ties

MNA– CBI governor, while pointing to common grounds for economic ties between Iran and Syria, said banking relation can become strengthened by using national currencies.Speaking at a meeting with a banking delegation from Syria, Governor of Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif said bilateral sessions have benefited both sides given the shared economic and banking issues of Iran and Syria.

“Fortunately, good economic cooperation exists between the two parties and tackling existing issued can lead to considerable achievements,” he underlined.

Seif referred to investment of Iranian firms in economic projects of Syria and added “proposals have been made by Iranian companies on venues for collaboration and financing economic projects of the Arab country.”

The official urged Syria to review the proposals and help pave the path for join cooperation by seeking mutual grounds.

Duraid Durgham, Governor of the Bank of Syria, for his part, said the meeting aimed at reinvigoration of bilateral cooperation between the two sides and called for deeper economic and banking ties in view of good diplomatic relations between Tehran and Damascus.

He urged banks of the two countries to investigate common issues in order to prepare grounds for supporting economic projects.

The official went on to enumerate a number of joint economic projects being undertaken by Iran and Syria emphasizing “inking agreements and conducting joint venture will further expand venues for economic collaborations.”

Durgham also noted that concerns and expectations of the Iranian side have been taken into consideration by Syria. He later invited Iran’s banking delegation to make a visit to the Arab country in order to investigate issues in further detail.

The visiting official believed that banking and economic relations can be elevated by taking advantage of prior experiences and by accelerating the process to remove ongoing obstacles.