Iran sees petchem export integration key in boosting exports

Shana — Deputy Petroleum Minister in Petrochemical Affairs Marziyeh Shahdaei said integration of petrochemical exporters can ensure strengthening of Iran’s foothold in international markets and can boost the country’s export of petrochemicals.

Shahdaei, who also serves as managing director of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), said her company is seeking strategies and plans to rope in all the country’s petrochemical exporters and holdings so that they can unite their commercial activities.

“Unity of petrochemical companies can ensure realization of the sector’s progress and sustainable supply of petrochemical in international markets,” she said.

The official said integrated activities of petrochemical companies can lead to their commercial prosperity and the increased share of petrochemical exports in the country.

She said there is a serious threat by regional rivals of Iran’s petrochemical companies, adding everyone involved in the sector must take this threat seriously and turn it to an opportunity for the industry.

“Integration and unity of companies can boost their output in line with global need for petrochemical products,” the NPC director further added.