UN chief condemns Israel occupation of Palestine

IRNA – While the Zionist regime is marking 50 years of its settlement in the Palestinian Territories, the United Nations Secretary-General in a statement has denounced Israel’s five decades of occupation.

“Now is the time to end the conflict by establishing an independent Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security with the State of Israel,” António Guterres said in a statement released on Monday.

The Zionist regime occupation of the Palestinian Lands took place 50 years ago in 1967, following the Arab-Israeli war.

“The occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem [Al-Quds], Gaza and the Syrian Golan, which displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Syrians, has imposed a heavy humanitarian and development burden on the Palestinian people,” Guterres said.

“Now is not the time to give up on this goal” but is the time to return to direct negotiations to resolve all final status issues on the basis of relevant UN resolutions, agreements and international law,” he added.