Envoy: Imam Khomeini’s teachings against extremism

IRNA – Imam Khomeini was against extremism and never accepted the violent ideas of the extremists, said Iran’s ambassador to China.

“The late Imam in the difficult days of the Islamic revolution never cooperated with the extremists, rather he relied on people’s spiritual and inner revolution, as well as their ethical and belief improvement, Ali Asghar Khaji said in a ceremony held at Iran’s embassy in Beijing to commemorate Imam Khomeini’s 28th demise anniversary on Monday night.

In an era that all the 20th century’s movements were towards secularization, and the faithful and religious people were isolated, Imam Khomeini made the greatest development in the past century and breathed a new life into the religious communities, he added.

Now, after 38 years since the Islamic Revolution and 28 years since the demise of Imam Khomeini, we are witnessing that religion is again at the centre of people’s lives and the religious are proud of their beliefs.

“Today, unfortunately, some are trying to defame Islam by religious terrorism, and make people pessimistic about it,” Iran’s ambassador to China went on to say.

“However, the world knows and will come up with the fact that terrorism and extremism have nothing to do with real Islam,” Khaji added.

He asserted that self-esteem, self-reliance and independence are Imam’s legacy for all peoples, particularly the Iranians.

Iran’s high political representative in China emphasized that the two Chinese and Iranian nations relying on their ancient civilizations and their religious teachings call on the world for peace and friendship.

In the ceremony, attended by a number of Chinese scholars and Muslims, head of Islamic Association of China Yang Faming said that marking the late Imam memories boosts the Muslims’ unity under the Islam’s flag and help them appreciate the peaceful life they are living.