Afghanistan confirms Iran’s participation in upcoming peace summit

FNA- Afghanistan Foreign ministry Spokesman Shakib Mostaqni confirmed that senior Iranian officials will attend the upcoming peace summit in Afghanistan.

Kabul summit with concentration on terrorism and establishing security and peace is to start on Tuesday with the participation of officials from 24 countries, including Iran, and representatives of the UN, EU and NATO, Mostaqni said.

He noted that representatives from Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Russia, China, the US, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Britain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, France, Italy, Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union will also take part in the summit at the level of Foreign Ministry deputies.

The summit is aimed at contributing to establishing peace in Afghanistan, as well as reaching a regional and global consensus on fighting against terrorism.

President of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani will deliver a speech on the government’s views towards peace process in the opening ceremony, said the spokesman.

“Afghanistan conflicts have internal and external dimensions, therefore the regional and international partners’ support is necessary for combating terrorism and establishing security and peace in the country,” he added.

A few days ahead of the summit, Kabul was the scene of a huge blast that claimed the lives of about 90 people, mostly civilians.

In relevant remarks on Friday, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani renewed his country’s backing for the Afghan government and nation in the ongoing fight against terrorist and extremist groups.

“Iran will continue support for Afghan people and government in fighting terrorism and establishing security and peace there,” Larijani said in his message.

In separate messages to Afghan Parliament Speaker Abdolraouf Ebrahimi and the country’s Senate Speaker Fazl Hadi Moslemyar, the Iranian speaker condemned the attack, adding that Iran will spare no effort help the Afghan nation.

“Terrorism and extremism are big threats to peace and stability in the globe,” Larijani added.

The speaker also expressed solidarity with people and government of Afghanistan as well as the bereaved families of the victims.

A huge explosion rocked Kabul’s diplomatic area on Wednesday killing at least 100 and injuring 400 others. The blast took place near one of the national security offices and close to foreign embassies.

The explosion, later claimed by the ISIL terrorist group, was so powerful that the windows of the nearby buildings or those that were 1 km farther than the site of the blast have been broken.

The blast happened 200 meters from Iran’s embassy in Kabul. The building and the residence of Iran’s ambassador were damaged.