Call for UN more active role in regional stability

IRNA – Majlis Speaker Special Aide for International Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian said on Tuesday that the United Nations is expected to play a more active role in promoting regional peace and stability.

He made the remarks in a meeting with UN representative in Tehran Gary Lewis on Tuesday.

Referring to the UN’s environmental and developmental activities, Amir Abdollahian said that Iran’s achievements in developmental fields including human and technological development have been made while certain agents are insisting on their false strategies against the Iranian independent and capable nation under empty pretexts and efforts to intensify unfair sanctions.

Expressing concern over the regional situation, he added that West Asian region’s situation is getting more aggravated and the problems are getting so complicated that diplomatic solutions become harder and harder.

Bahrain government’s recent move against the religious authority Sheikh Isa Qasim, which happened in the wake of Trump’s trip to the region, has aggravated regional situation and no information is available about the fate of the prominent scholar, the Iranian official said, noting that under such conditions, UN move to defend human rights and prevent systematic violation of human rights is essential.

Referring to a statement signed by over 190 Iranian MPs in protest to the verdict passed against the senior Bahraini cleric, he said that the religious figure does not belong to Bahrain alone and the US is expected to fulfill its duties well to honor respect of the religious scholars.

The region and world are grappling against scourge of terrorism, violation of national sovereignty of countries and systematic violence and extremism, he said, contending that to overcome the problems, the UN needs to play a more effective role in this respect.

Lewis, for his part, pointed to the history of UN Office cooperation with the Iranian government, saying that given the good record of collaboration between Iran and UN, suitable grounds are ready for promoting cooperation.

He also highlighted political solution for regional crises and stressed the need for observing human rights in the region.

He further noted that he will pass on Tehran’s worries to the UN seat in New York.