Islamic World in need of unity more than ever: Greek mufti

IRNA – A Greek Sunni cleric expressed his deep sorrow at the fact that extremist groups tarnish Islam’s holy name, and said that the Muslim world needs to be united more than ever.

Referring to the numerous problems in the Muslim world and divisive actions of the enemies, Othman Hamza, the Mufti of Didymoteicho and one of the Sunni figures in Greece, said, “The Muslim world is suffering lack of unity, and if Muslims become united, what the Holy Prophet demands, they will get rid of problems and the Muslim world will thrive.”

In a meeting with the Iranian Cultural Attaché Ali Mohammad Helmi, at the Muftiate of Didymoteicho, the mufti reminisced his recent trip to Mashad to participate in the inauguration of the conference ‘Mashhad Capital of Islamic Culture’ and said, “The good arrangement of the ceremony that provided a spiritual atmosphere for the lectures is thankworthy.”

Hamza referred to the necessity of unity among Muslims and said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is taking deserving actions in line with that. He added that keeping Islamic teachings alive among the youth is a must.

Confirming the mufti’s comment on the youth, Helmi added, “Some measures should be taken to provide the North Greek Muslims with chances to participate in events like the international Quran recitation competitions. And in line with that, Iran is ready to send Quran reciters to Greek schools.”

Helmi also expressed readiness to provide books for the Muslims in north Greece.

He added that unfortunately the US, certain Western and some regional Arab countries support the terrorist groups to do criminal actions in the name of Islam that tarnishes Islam that is a religion of blessing and kindness.

Helmi also said that Muslim scholars have an onerous responsibility to illustrate the real face of Islam because the terrorist groups not only don’t have anything in common with Islam, but they are also a serious danger for Islam and peaceful life of followers of this divine religion.

The Iranian cultural attaché said that Muslims need to fight this ominous phenomenon with brainstorming and collaboration and not letting the holy face of Islam and divine religions be tarnished.