Bahram Qassemi

Iran’s coverage: Trump’s accusations in Riyadh ‘unbelievable’: Iran

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Trump’s Saudi trip contradicts claim on fighting terror

Iran’s FM spokesman said Mon. that US President Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia, a country which shelters and trains terrorists, nullifies his anti-Iranian remarks and claim on combating terrorism.

Supreme Leader grants cash aid to help release prisoners

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei gave a 3,130 million rials (around $85,000) aid to help free 7,500 prisoners held in jails on unintentional crimes.


Iran hopes to sign first new oil contract by July

Iran will hopefully sign its first oil deal based on the newly-devised contract terms before the end of President Rouhani’s first term by July, Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh said.

Eurasian Economic Union close to free-trade deal with Iran

The Moscow-led Eurasian Economic Union aims to finalise a free-trade deal with Iran by the end of the year, in an attempt by Russia and its fellow members to deepen ties with Tehran.


Iran ready to send ceasefire monitors to Syria: Spokesman

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi highlighted the ongoing trilateral talks between Tehran, Moscow, and Ankara on the truce in Syria and said the Islamic Republic is prepared to send forces to monitor the ceasefire in the Arab country.


Vetting bodies verify results of city council election in Tehran

Electoral District Executive and Supervisory Committees which oversee elections have officially validated the results of May 19 city council election in capital, Tehran, senior official declared.


Rouhani submits APLAC membership bill to Parliament

President Rouhani submitted Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) bill to the Parliament.


CBI: Iran economy grew 15.7% in Q3

The Central Bank of Iran has published growth figures for the third quarter of the last Iranian year (September 22-December 20, 2016).


Deterrent power, Iran’s authority factor: Commander

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Iran said during a visit to an airbase on Monday that the deterrent power of Iran is the factor behind Iran’s authority.


President highlights opportunities for stronger Iran-Azerbaijan ties

In a message to Ilham Aliyev on Monday, President Rouhani congratulated the Azeri leader, government and nation on the Republic Day, which marks the founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918.