Chahkooh Valley: Truly a gem on the natural beauty of Qeshm Island

Tasnim -“Chahkooh Valley” is an excellent valley to visit. Especially for people who like geotourism sites and good landscapes.

Chahkooh Valley is located at a 15 km distance of Tabl village in Southeast of the eastern Chahoo village on Qeshm Island, Hormozgan Province, south of Iran.

There are two valleys plumbed on each other vertically .Heavy rainstorms (that are also rare) quickly flush water through geological structures. Erosion however has been a secondary factor in forming this beautiful valley in fact, it has primarily been affected by the Salt Dome and related anticline. An anticline is a fold that is convex up and formed.

Due to tectonic compression. While under pressure, these arch-like structures may break in areas that are weaker, forming grooves on the walls. Chahkooh has been initially formed by these geological phenomena. Vertical to the main valley axis, there is a second valley, which has also been formed through tectonic pressures. In general, anticlines and areas around them could be counted as «unstable».

The presence of concave and round structures or linear and oval structures on the walls of the valley is the result of erosion by water. One of the main characteristics of geological formation of this geosite is its impermeability to water, which keeps the water in holes and grooves, causing further erosion. The locals have taken advantage of this structure by digging wells inside the main axis of the valley to act as water reservoirs.

Considering the low level of rainfall on the island, and the scarcity of freshwater, this was a very innovative way to gather water from rainstorms and use it during dry seasons. Chahkooh is aesthetically very attractive, and it is very important to warn the visitors against writing any graffiti on its walls.