Zarif most skilled propagandist of our generation: US strategist

IRNA – An American political strategist believes Foreign Minister Mohannad Javad Zarif is the most skilled propagandist of our generation.

In his twitter message the CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) Mark Dubowitz said, “I don’t care what anyone says about him, but Zarif is the most skilled propagandist of our generation.”

Dubowitz has twitted in response to Zarif’s recent article published in New York Times in which he noted, “At best, Mr. Trump is extorting our Saudi neighbors, milking them for money they do not have.”

Iranian FM wrote the article in response to US-Saudi recent $110 arms deal, saying it will neither reduce the burden on the American military nor support the long-term security of Saudi Arabia.

“At worst, he could be turning the United States into Saudi Arabia’s mercenary in the Middle East.”

“Let me be clear: What President Trump called “lots of beautiful military equipment” won’t drain the swamps in which terrorism and extremist militancy fester,” said Zarif.

Pointing to Saudi King’s gifts to Donald Trump, Zarif said, “neither will golden chains or glowing orbs provide a magical solution to the socioeconomic and political challenges that drive radicalization. What will work is a genuine effort to forge inclusive engagement among the regional powers based on a policy of coexistence and acceptance that military solutions are futile.”