Russia dismisses allegations raised against Iran in Trump-Arab summit in Riyadh

FNA- Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Jagarian strongly rejected the terrorism allegations raised against Iran in the recent meeting held between US President Donald Trump and Arab leaders in Riyadh, stressing that Tehran is one of the main pillars of anti-terrorism campaign in the region.

“They raised many allegations against Iran in the Riyadh meeting, but Russia doesn’t accept these allegations that accuse Iran of helping the terrorists in the region,” Jagarian said on Sunday.

Noting that Iran itself is a victim of terrorism, he said the country has greatly helped Russia in the war against the terrorist groups in Syria.

Asked if Russia would use the Hamadan airbase in Western Iran for anti-terrorism operations in Syria again, Jagarian said that it depends on the conditions in Syria and if necessary, the Russian officials will use the airbase again in coordination with Iranian officials.

“As Russia’s ambassador in Iran, I announce that we are highly satisfied with cooperation with Iran in Syria,” he added.

In relevant remarks on Wednesday, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani stressed that terrorists in Syria have sustained huge damage due to his country’s cooperation with Russia in the anti-terrorism efforts.

“Iran and the Russian army’s joint cooperation in the war against terrorism in Syria is at the demand of the country’s (Syrian) government which has resulted in inflicting heavy damage on the terrorists, separating the armed Syrians from terrorist groups and making peace agreements with them, and this path will continue,” Shamkhani said, addressing the 8th annual Moscow Conference on International Security.

He also criticized the UN’s weak performance in resolving the regional crises, and called for an end to the failed and dangerous policies of certain governments in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

“If political solutions are not pursued for the regional crises and the drums of war are beaten, the national sovereignties will be weakened and a vacuum of sovereignty will be created which will pave a proper ground for terrorists’ sleeping cells’ relocation to these regions,” Shamkhani warned.