HRW official agrees with Zarif about S. Arabia’s double standard policy towards terrorism

IRNA — Executive Director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth reiterated Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s remarks blaming Saudi Arabia’s double standard approach towards terrorism.

In a post on his twitter account, Roth referred to an article by Zarif recently published in New York Times and said: “Iran’s foreign minister notes irony of Saudi Arabia denouncing Iran as its Wahhabism inspires the likes of al-Qaeda.”

Zarif’s article entitled “Beautiful Military Equipment Can’t Buy Middle East Peace” reviewed a recent visit to Saudi Arabia by US President Donald Trump.

‘To avoid the spread of terrorism and militant extremism, responsible leaders in regional and world capitals alike must step up and tackle the momentous challenges at hand,” Zarif said in part of his article. “Sword dances and lavish banquets aside, fundamental contradictions must be addressed.”