Iran, Russia, Turkey to delineate safe zones in Syria

IRNA – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that a group of experts from Iran, Russian and Turkey will mark the borders of safe zones in Syria.

Bugdanov, also Russian president’s representative in Middle East affairs, made the remarks without specifying the date and location of the meeting of the experts.

He also added that the experts will also review locations of the checkpoints and movement of the people through passageways.

According to an agreement reached by Iran, Russia, and Turkey on the establishment of safe zones in Syria, countries organizing Astana Talks should set up a working group to solve issues pertaining to ensuring security of the four regions.

The Russian official further noted that the people should have free access to the passageways between the safe zones but terrorists will not be allowed to enter the areas and they will be stopped.

Iran, Russia and Turkey signed a memorandum of understanding during the fourth Astana Syrian Talks on May 4 to set up four safe regions in Syria covering some areas in Idlib province, parts of Homs, eastern Ghouta, Dor’a and Ghanitareh to help deescalate the situation at the earliest.

Such zones, also referred to as non-conflict or safe zones, are meant to be areas where civilians can live without being targeted by any party in Syria’s war.

Cessation of all military actions between conflicting parties, easy access to humanitarian aid, rebuilding infrastructures, and repatriation of the refugees have been enshrined in the MoU.

Creating a security beltway to prevent recurrence of bloody clashes between the conflicting parties along the de-escalation regions and engagement of checkpoints alongside stations supervising ceasefire are among the other policies to that effect.