Bahram Qassemi

Foreign Ministry slams attack on Christians in Egypt

IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi on Friday condemned terrorist attack on buses carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt.

It is an example of sectarian violence supported by certain states, Qasemi said.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman offered condolences to bereaved families of the victims and the Egyptian people and government.

The recent terrorist attacks in Manchester, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Egypt occurred after the visit by US President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia, Qasemi said.

The crackdown of people and the recent bloodsheds in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen are also other signs of intensifying sectarian violence after Trump’s travel to the region, he said.

Qasemi noted that the recent showpiece in Riyadh which took place at the name of countering terrorism and extremism, produced no results but declaring support for the origins of the Takfiri and Wahhabi ideologies and the armed terrorism logistic and financial source.

Nobody expects support for world security from such summits, he said.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman referred to murder of innocent people and followers of various sects, including Muslims and Christians in the sectarian violence and called on the international bodies and world countries to feel responsible to safeguard a collective security and countering terrorism.

At least 26 Coptic Christians were killed and another 25 wounded when buses they were traveling in were attacked by gunmen in central Egypt, authorities said on Friday.

Egyptian state television quoted a health ministry official as saying that a ‘large number’ of the victims were children.