Khorramshahr liberation ‘pivotal moment’ in Iran-Iraq war: Navy commander

Tehran Times- Navy Commander Habibollah Sayyari said on Wednesday that the liberation of the strategic port city of Khorramshahr from the occupation of Iraqi forces during Iraq’s war against Iran was a “pivotal moment”.

The rear admiral made the remarks as Iran celebrated the 35th anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr on Wednesday.

“The operation ended 19 months of Iraqi occupation of Khorramshahr and was a severe blow to the enemy’s military might,” Sayyari said, while addressing the parliament

He stressed that the operation made the enemy understand that they cannot threaten Iranian borders.

The liberation of Khoramshahr is perceived as a turning point in the long-lasting war between the two countries which was imposed by Iraq. It is celebrated in Iran on its anniversary, 24 May.

Khorramshahr was captured by Iraqi forces on October 26, 1980, a month after former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Iran.

The city was recaptured by Iranian forces on May 24, 1982, as part of the operation codenamed Beit ol-Moqaddas, which gave Iran the momentum.

Sayyari said the operation had many important political and military achievements. “For instance it slashed the enemy’s desire for aggression.”

“The operation caught the enemy completely off-guard,” the navy chief remarked.

Also on Wednesday, President Rouhani aired remarks on the anniversary of the event, saying it is an important day for the country.

“Iranian people emerged victorious against a massive international conspiracy,” Rouhani said.

Referring to the late Imam Khomeini who said “Khorramshahr was liberated by God”, Rouhani said: “This is what we deeply believe in.”

He also said that during the imposed war, Saddam was propped up against Iran by all big world powers which gave him arms, however the Iranian nation managed to create a great miracle.