Rouhani: May 24 marks victory of Iranian nation against int’l plot

IRNA — President-elect Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that victory anniversary for liberation of Khorramshahr is regarded as a significant historical development and victory for the Iranian nation in fight against a huge global conspiracy.

Addressing a meeting of the board of the 11th government’s ministers, he said May 24 in our history has been registered as day of resistance, devotion and trusting God.

‘We believe that all of our victories are blessings from Almighty God and we should be thankful to him,’ Rouhani said.

Iranian people are well-aware of ongoing realities and events, they know that Saddam’s aggression and imposed war in fact was confrontation between an oppressed nation with the then big world powers, he said.

“Our people know that East and West supplied the Iraqi regime with the best fighter jets along with technological knowhow increasing the launching power of missiles,’ he said.

Arab countries in the region have confessed that they have finanacially supported Saddam and even allocated one port in Jeddah to import his weapons and military facilities and even paid for their freights, Rouhani said.

In fact the great Iranian nation created a miracle in the fight against world powers who supported Saddam, he said.

In a word, May 24th is the biggest and sweetest victory of the Iranian nation against enemy’s aggression, Rouhani said.

Enemies assume that our power has been summarized in missiles whilst our power is in our faith and there is no need that we require missiles and the enemies should understand that we produce what we need and never pay heed even an iota to their words, he said.

You are wrong if you think that our power is limited to our missiles or fighter planes, he said adding that you provided Saddam with the most sophisticated plans and tanks and even worse you supplied him with chemical weapons, but our pious nation won the war with reliance on unity and pursuing commands of its supreme leader.