Spokesman dismisses media reports on stop of Kazakh uranium supplies to Iran

FNA- Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi rejected some British media reports claiming that Kazakhstan has stopped exports of uranium to Iran.

“We have held long negotiations with Kazakhstan and of course, purchasing 950 tons of uranium from that country has been approved by all members of the Iran and the G5+1 (the US, China, France, Russia, Britain and Germany) joint commission and even the US and Britain,” Kamalvandi said on Tuesday.

Voicing regret that Britain has changed its position after the US presidential election, he said that such reports which are released by the lesser-known British media are directed at specified goals.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Araqchi announced in April that Tehran is in talks with Kazakhstan to purchase a large amount of yellow cake from that country.

“The negotiations for purchase of 950 tons of yellow cake from Kazakhstan are not yet over and are still underway,” Araqchi said.

The British New Europe newspaper claimed that the Iran policy of the new US administration has made it impossible for Kazakhstan to supply uranium to Iran.

According to the report, Kazakhstan’s national company Kazatomprom and the nuclear energy organization of Iran have a contract for supply of 950 tons of unreached uranium.