Iran, France stress expansion of ties in Rouhani’s 2nd term

MNA – In a phone conversation between Pres. Rouohani and Pres. Macron, the two sides expressed resolve to improve relations between Iran and France following Rouhani’s re-election.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a telephone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Monday evening, highlighted the effective role of France on Iran and 5+1 nuclear negotiations which led to the signing and implementation of the JCPOA, adding “unfortunately, certain countries are showing a lack of commitment to the full implementation of Iran’s nuclear deal, and we expect France and the EU to play a more active part in ensuring the implementation of the agreement.”

President Rouhani stressed the need for removal of banking and financial obstacles hampering development of economic and trade ties between the two countries, adding that the Islamic Republic is fully committed to the nuclear deal.

He also voiced interest in joint cooperation with French investors in various fields including transport and infrastructure.

Iran is ready to cooperate with other countries including France at all levels for fighting terrorism and settling the Syrian crisis, he added.

“We need to restore peace and stability to the region, and we hope that Europe will not be tricked into believing the wrong interoperations about the region proposed by certain countries,” Rouhani said.

Macron, who has also been recently elected as president, congratulated Rouhani on his re-election, saying the re-election reinforces hope that Rouhani’s government will continue to rigorously apply the nuclear deal which allowed relations between Iran and the international community to enter a new phase.

He went on to maintain that Rouhani’s re-election would pave the way for improved relations between France and Iran, adding that he had instructed his cabinet to work on the intensification of economic, scientific, cultural, and tourism ties between the two countries.

He further called on Iran to make serious efforts for settling the Syrian crisis and combating terrorism in the region.