Rouhani: A win-win policy only way out of global problems

IRNA — President-elect Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the US examined various scenarios over past 30 years, but failed and their only proportional success when they bow to the great Iranian nation in nuclear talks and respect Iran’s nuclear team.

President made the remarks in a press conference in the presence of over 300 domestic and foreign reporters in Tehran on Monday.

In response to the question posed by Associated Press reporter, Rouhani said nuclear talks lead us to a win-win approach which was to the benefit of the US, Iran and all.

This means that if the US tries other way, they are doomed to failure, he said.

“We are waiting the US administration to reach a balanced stance to have a better judgment on their performance,” he said.

Regretfully, the Americans have always made mistakes about us as they did in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and a lot more, he said.

I think the US should mind people’s interest, Rouhani underlined.