Iran’s Assembly of Experts: High turnout in polls crushing response to enemies

Tasnim– Assembly of Experts, a high-ranking body in Iran electing the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, hailed the massive presence of the people in the recent elections as “a crushing response to the hostile enemies” of the Islamic Republic.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Assembly of Experts expressed its gratitude to the people of the country and those who contributed to the successful holding of the 12th presidential election and the 5th City and Village Councils elections on Friday.

By their massive participation in the elections, the Iranian people astonished analysts and politicians around the world and forced the friends and foes to admire them, the statement said.

The high turnout in the two elections was “a crushing response to hostile and ornery enemies” of the country, it added.

Elsewhere in the statement, the Assembly of Experts congratulated President Hassan Rouhani on his re-election and at the same time urged him to refrain from being influenced by certain political groups.

Iranians headed to the polls as soon as the stations opened on Friday to elect the country’s 8th president.

Incumbent President Hassan Rouhani emerged victorious and secured a second term by winning 57 percent of the votes.

More than 56,400,000 Iranian people were eligible to vote. With the participation of more than 41 million voters, the turnout stood at 73 percent.

Concurrently, the 5th City and Village Councils elections were held across the country.