Raeisi: Nation main winner of election

IRNA – Defeated presidential candidate Ebrahim Raeisi in a statement late on Saturday said that the Iranian nation is the first and main winner of the May 19 presidential election.

Thank God that the people’s glorious participation in the presidential election once again demonstrated greatness of the Islamic establishment system, Raeisi said.

Lauding unique role of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Aytaollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in the formation of the epic of election, Raeisi said that Iran’s security, independence and progress have always been contingent upon the Leader’s smart guidelines.

Raeisi also appreciated massive turnout of the people from all walks of life in the presidential elections as well as those who confided in him and accompanied him on his election campaigns.

The cleric noted that the major achievements of the election was the engaging in political debates on an ethical basis, putting forward discourse of attending to underprivileged and combating corruption and discrimination which were turned into public demand, he said.

Almost 16 million Iranians voted for change, which is a significant asset and huge backbone which cannot be overlooked in the political scene and the country’s major decision-making processes, Raeisi argued.

Raeisi received over 15.4 millions of votes in the 12th presidential election with a long distance from the president-elect Rouhani who won over 23.7 millions of the cast ballots.

Raeisi wished success for the president-elect, hoping that social justice and removing economic and livelihood problems of the underprivileged will be among priorities of the 12th government.