Chinese president congratulates Rouhani on his landslide victory

IRNA — Chinese President Xi Jinping cabled a message on Saturday to congratulate the Iranian nation and President Hassan Rouhani on his landslide victory for the second term.
In the message, he said in the first term, the Islamic Republic of Iran could attain remarkable social and economic achievements.

Thanks to the endeavors of both sides, Iran and China experienced very remarkable and positive relations leading to the expansion of relations and exchange of more visits between the two sides’ officials, President Xi said.

There is no doubt that the current level of Tehran-Beijing relations will grow dramatically during presidency of President Rouhani, he said.

Both sides should heighten efforts to broaden level of mutual relations and cooperation as much as possible, he added.

According to the Interior Ministry, Rouhani obtained 23,549,616 votes out of the total 41,220,131, while his rival Ebrahim Raeisi received 15,786,449 ballots.

Mostafa Mirsalim and Mostafa Hashemi Tab, two other presidential candidates, won 478,215 and 215,450 votes, respectively.

Out of over 56 million Iranians who were eligible to vote in the 12th presidential election, over 41 millions took part in the event.

The 12th presidential election was held nationwide and in 102 world countries on May 19.

The presidential candidates included Hassan Rouhani, Custodian of the Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine Ebrahim Raeisi, former minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mostafa Mirsalim and former Minister of Physical Education Mostafa Hashemi Taba.