World media shocked by massive public turnout in Iran’s 2017 elections

May 20, The Iran Project – Foreign media have surprised by the massive turnout of Iranian nation in the 12th presidential elections resulted in the re-election of incumbent president Hassan Rouhani.

The world electronic and print media have been avidly covering Iran’s 12th presidential, with a special focus on the voters’ huge turnout.

Reuters highlighting a turnout above 70 percent in Iran’s presidential election, quoted Iran’s state television that declared incumbent President Hassan Rouhani the winner of the Friday election with 23,549,616 votes, or 57 percent of the total ballots.

Saying that due to the huge public turnout, polling stations stayed open until midnight in parts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the UK-based Guardian pointed to the re-election of Hassan Rouhnai who has won a landslide victory, endorsing his efforts to re-engage with the west and offer greater freedoms at home.

The USA Today also surprised by the long lines and extended voting hours in Iran’s presidential election 2017, writing Friday’s vote was largely a referendum on Rouhani’s more moderate political policies, which paved the way for the landmark 2015 nuclear deal that won Iran relief from some sanctions in exchange for curbs on itspeaceful  nuclear program.

Election officials twice extended the voting deadline beyond the anticipated closing time to accommodate the large numbers of voters, the Associated Press reported, writing that the latest election tallies released by the Interior Ministry showed that the 68-year-old incumbent Hassan Rouhani secured a commanding lead of 57 percent in a race that drew more than seven out of every 10 voters to the polls.

Dedicating its headline to the landmark political event in Iran, AFP reported that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani won a resounding re-election victory on Saturday as voters backed his efforts to rebuild foreign ties and kickstart the struggling economy.

The New York Times also refereed to heavy voter turnout as a plus for president Rouhani, reported that Iranians lined up at polling places in such numbers on Friday that Iranian election officials extended the voting three separate times, first by two hours, then four hours and finally five hours.

The Independent announced Hassan Rouhani’s re-election as Iran’s president in landslide victory, writing that an exceptionally large turnout, which led to polling stations being kept open late into the evening, solidified votes for the reformist leader.

The CNN  report of Iran’s 2017 presidential election say that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani handily won re-election in what amounts to a victory for the nation’s reformist camp and a sign that citizens favor fruitful engagement with the outside world.

The victory reverberated in seats of power across the globe, on the Iranian streets and at the highest level of Iranian power.
Iran’s Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, communicating in a series of tweets, lauded the “high turnout” and called it “glorious and historic” for Iranian elections, CNN told.

On the other side, the conservative Fars news agency quoted Parviz Davoudi a member of the Expediency Council as saying that the 40-million in Iran’s 12th presidential election will increase the country’s authority in international arena.

According to the Iranian media, Davoudi reminded the re-elected Hassan Rouhani to pay attention to the demands of 16 million Iranians who voted to Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, Rouani’s main rival.

Iran’s 12th presidential election was held on Friday and Hassan Rouhani won the race, receiving a popular mandate for another four years in presidential office.

Rouhani has reportedly gained 57 percent of the votes so far, compared to 38.5 percent for Raeisi. Aqa-Mirsalim and Hashemi-Taba have so far secured 1.13 and 0.52 percent of the votes, respectively.