World competes to take part in Iran’s economic market in post-election era: MP

May 20, The Iran Project – A senior Iranian lawmaker says following the stability of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 12th presidential election, the world companies are seeking to sign economic contract with the country.

Speaking to a reporter on Saturday, Mohammad Ghasim Osmani, a Member of the Parliament said massive turnout of Iranian people in the presidential election proved the country’s stability and authority.

Iranians’ huge turnout in the presidential poll disappointed some regional countries, following US and Israel anti-Iran policies, of using the nation’s division to hurt the government, Osmani noted.

The Iranian parliamentarian went on to say that when the enemy is disappointed at attacking the Islamic Republic, our national security will be guaranteed.

Stressing the world’s willingness to take part in Iran’s economic market in post-election era, he said when foreign countries sign long-term contracts with our country, the cost of some materials to be provided abroad will be reduced.

He also reiterated that a nation’s massive participation in a political process, like presidential election, will open new export markets to a country, pointing out that world countries should ensure that they are making economic ties with a stable country with which they can positively affect production, employment, and economic growth, and increase gross domestic product (GDP).

Iran’s 12th presidential election was held on Friday and Hassan Rouhani won the race, receiving a popular mandate for another four years in presidential office.

Rouhani has reportedly gained 56.88 percent of the votes so far, compared to 38.55 percent for Raeisi. Aqa-Mirsalim and Hashemi-Taba have so far secured 1.13 and 0.52 percent of the votes, respectively.