No special security issues so far: Zolfaghari

MNA – Chairman of the Security Committee to monitor election-related activities stressed Thu. that no special security issues have occurred so far as the country prepares for the presidential election on Friday.

Hossein Zolfaghari made the remark in a press conference on Thursday, hailing the efforts of police and security officers as well as cooperation of campaign offices and the public for maintaining security during the days leading up to the 12th presidential election on Friday.

He noted that ballot casting will start at 8 AM on Friday and continue until 12 AM on the same day, advising the public to cast their votes during the early hours of the election to avoid any delays or security issues.

“Every security measure has been considered for the vote count and the announcement of final results afterwards,” he said.

Zolfaghari went on to stress that the official announcement of the election results will be made by the Interior Ministry after confirmation from the Guardian Council; “any attempt at determining the results of the election before the official announcement will be considered as an act against security,” he said.