Iran’s coverage: Iran sanctions 9 US firms as countermeasure

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Iran bans US individuals, firms in response to its sanctions

Foreign Ministry banned nine other US individuals and companies which for playing roles in flagrant violation of human rights through direct or indirect involvement in the Zionist regime’s anti-human crimes in the occupied lands.

Presidential candidates’ campaign period ends

Legal time for the candidates of the upcoming presidential election and the Fifth Islamic City and Village Councils finished on Thursday at eight a.m.

Iran unveils strategic plan to combat climate change

Iran on Tuesday unveiled a plan to combat climate change and meet its carbon emissions cuts by 2030.

Iran condemns fresh US sanctions over missile program

Iran has blasted fresh US bans over its defensive missile program, saying it will retaliate by adding nine American individuals and corporations to its sanctions list over their human rights violations.

Iran’s extraction from joint field with Qatar equals in 11th gov’t: Minister

Petroleum Minister Bijan Zangeneh said on Wednesday that Iran’s gas extraction from the joint field with Qatar equaled with Qatar in the 11th government after the 11 phases of South Pars came into stream, each costing $5 billion.

Election affairs advancing without any security problems: Iranian official

There has not been a single report of security problems during various stages of preparations for Friday’s presidential elections, a deputy Iranian minister said.

China makes representation to US over Iran-related sanctions

Beijing has responded to the United States with a formal diplomatic protest over introducing sanctions against a national of China and three companies over ties with the Iranian missile program, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Thursday.

Spokesman: Iran not to implement UNESCO’s unethical document

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said that Iran’s unchangeable stance will not implement parts of the UNESCO Global Education 2030 Agenda which runs against national priorities, religious beliefs and ethical values of the Islamic society of Iran.

Iran election results to be released gradually: Official

Iran’s Interior Ministry reversed its decision on how to release the results of the forthcoming presidential election, a deputy minister announced, saying the vote counts are going to be made public in a gradual process upon closure of the polls.

Presidential election to be held in 102 countries

Head of the Supervisory Board of the Presidential Elections Abroad said that the 12th presidential election will be held in 310 pollling stations in 102 countries on Friday May 19.