Iran releases list of banned US real, legal entities

IRNA – Foreign Ministry released list of newly-banned real and legal entities in response to the US’ illegal move in adding a number of Iranian individuals and firms to the list of missile sanctions.

Foreign Ministry banned nine other US individuals and companies for playing roles in blatant violation of human rights through direct or indirect involvement in the Zionist regime’s anti-human crimes in the occupied lands, supporting Takfiri terrorism and crackdown of regional nations as well as effective cooperation in acts against the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The updated list of sanctioned American firms and individuals has been released by Foreign Ministry on Thursday:

1. Huntington Ingalls Industries: For participating in development of Sa’ar 5-class corvettes used by the Zionist regime in war crimes against the oppressed Palestinian people and Lebanon.

2. Booz Allen Hamilton: Security contractors affiliated with the CIA, active in the Middle East. The company is in charge of collecting data against Iranian organizations and conducting security operations against the Islamic Republic.

3. Horacio D.Rozanski: Booz Allen Hamilton CEO

4. KingFisher Systems: Founded in 2005, the company provides security services, mostly on cyberspace, to the US government and intelligence agencies. One of its operations was monitoring Iran’s naval moves.

5. Roy L. Reed, Jr: KingFisher Systems CEO

6. DynCorp International: This security company has replaced Blackwater in Yemen under a $3bn contract.

7. McAlester Army Ammunition Plant: This company provides a part of US Army’s heavy weapons arsenal, participating in America’s destructive moves against international peace, stability and security.

8. The BIRD Foundation: supports joint investment with Israeli and American companies in hi-tech industries benefiting the Zionist regime.

9. The BSF Foundation: A joint science foundation that has helped promote cooperation in science and technology between Israeli and American companies.

10. BENI Tal


12. ITT Corporation

13. Re/Max Real Estate
14. Oshkosh Corporation

15. Magnum Research Inc

16. Kahr Arms

17. M7 Aerospace

18. Military Armament Corporation

19. Lewis Machine and Tool Company

20. Daniel Defense

21. Bushmaster Firearms International

22. O.F. Mossberg & Sons

23. H-S Precision, Inc.

Items 10-23 had been included in the sanctions list attached to a statement issued on February 3, 2017.