Presidential candidate: Next government to be anti-corruption

IRNA – Presidential Candidate Eshaq Jahangiri, says the government he hopes to establish is going to be an anti-corruption government.

There will be no red lines in my government to fight corruption, Jahangiri said in a presidential talk show on Channel Two of the Iranian national TV Monday evening.

“Anyone involved in corruption should be confronted through appropriate interaction with the Judicial Power,” he said.

Jahangiri , expressing his vies on employment, said that his government has a program for creating jobs through increasing production and investment in different fields.

He also added that creating employment needs a strong diplomacy and serious interaction with the world.

Commenting on housing, he said that he has a plan for the newlyweds and families with disabled members to help them buy a house and that it remains to be his top priority.

About investment, he said that “The ‘Government of Future’ will seriously support the domestic capital market.”

Jahangiri also promised to increase the economic growth rate and people’s purchasing power.

On the taxing system, he said, his government is expected if elected, “Will focus on tax evasions of the big trade and financial entities.”

He said that mechanisms expected to put in place in the customs offices across the country, to curb the smuggling of goods.

Referring to the global education agenda (Education 2030), he said that the document won’t be enacted if it is against religious values, high-level documents and the development plans of the country.

The presidential candidate also said that people should be very careful not to be deceived by empty campaign slogans.