Presidential candidate Jahangiri urges rivals to offer realistic employment plans

Tasnim – Eshaq Jahangiri, a candidate in Iran’s presidential election who has been campaigning in support of President Hassan Rouhani, called on the other rivals to offer practical and realistic plans for combating unemployment rather than resorting to words.

Speaking at a television talk show on Monday night, First Vice-President Jahangiri said the rivals competing for the post of president have spoken a lot about creation of jobs, but have failed to present any practical procedure for it.

Highlighting the current administration’s success to formulate a detailed plan to create jobs, Jahangiri said if the requirements are fulfilled, the goal of creating 950,000 jobs per annum in compliance with the country’s grand development plan will be met.

As regards the main requirements of job creation, the first vice-president pointed to investment security, support for domestic production, creating definite markets, combatting contraband, and stimulating the exports.

Touching on the administration’s success to create 110,000 jobs only through the knowledge-based companies, Jahangiri said the number of such technological firms could increase to 10,000 in the next cabinet from the 3,000 ones founded over the past four years.

He then noted that the administration has managed to halve the value of smuggled goods and decrease it to $12 billion a year, and has also established suitable systems at customs.

There are currently five candidates running for presidency, including Hassan Rouhani, Eshaq Jahangiri, Ebrahim Raisi, Mostafa Hashemitaba, and Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim.

Mayor of Tehran Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, a figure in the principlist political faction who struggled to drum up support for his presidential campaign by hammering President Hassan Rouhani, decided to quit the race on Monday in favor of Raisi.

The election will be held on Friday, May 19. Over 56,400,000 Iranians will be eligible to vote.