Meeting to back Palestinian Intifada holds in Kuwait

IRNA – A special ceremony to support Palestinian Intifada, attended by the Iranian ambassador, was held recently in Kuwait.

Besides Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait Ali-Reza Enayati, Kuwaiti political figures and supporters of the resistance were among participants of the meeting.

Hussein al-Matouq, one of the speakers of the meeting, said that the best way for Palestinians to stand against the Zionist regime is demanding their rights.

“The open support given to the Zionist regime makes it necessary for the Palestinians to strengthen their solidarity to better address existing problems, Al-Matouq said.

Abdullah al-Mousavi, another speaker and an expert of Palestinian affairs said that the issue of Palestine remains to be a central issue the World of Islam is following to address.

All honorable, free human beings and anybody with a vigilant conscience will remain supportive of Palestinians as they are under oppression.