Bahram Qassemi

Ghasemi: Rouhani’s vow to end remaining sanctions ‘difficult but possible’

MNA – Iran’s FM Spokesman Ghasemi said Pres. Rouhani’s vow to get rid of remaining US sanctions still hampering trade deals will be difficult to achieve but nothing will be ever impossible for Iran’s diplomacy.

Bahram Ghasemi made the remark in his weekly press conference on Monday, while addressing a question about the promise President Rouhani had made during the fiery final debate on Friday.

“I will engage myself in lifting all the non-nuclear sanctions during the coming four years and bring back the grandeur of Iran and the Iranian people,” President Rouhani had said during a televised debate on Friday focused on economy.

The spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry noted that Rouhani’s promise will be difficult to achieve but Iran’s place on the international scene has ensured that nothing is impossible when one considers the country’s diplomatic strategies.

“The issue can be pursued through diplomatic channels, but it needs careful consideration and a lot of work,” he added.

When asked about extension of anti-Iranian sanctions by US President Trump in two days, Ghasemi said he would prefer to comment on it once the decision has been made; “however, the Americans must have learned from the past and should adopt a wise approach on this matter. They must remain committed to the nuclear deal,” he added.

About Turkey’s decision to construct a security wall on borders with Iran, Ghasemi said the Turkish side has briefed Iran on their plans; “I should note however that the wall will not be constructed at the zero border point. We welcome any measure that promotes stability and security on the two countries’ borders,” he added.