Presidential candidate: Iran’s production should be export oriented

IRNA – Presidential candidate Mostafa Hashemi Taba expressed his satisfaction over a jump in Iran’s exports, underlying that the country exports have recently skyrocketed to $45 billion.

Appearing on Channel One of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting in a group debate with his five rivals on Friday, Hashemi Taba underlined that the country’s production should be export oriented.

He added it is a source of honor for the Islamic Republic of Iran that Iranian engineers are working in over 15 countries.

The presidential candidate underscored that the country should produce the best commodities under wise guidelines given by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for observing “Economy of Resistance” that prioritizes domestic production.

He also called for reviewing the legislation governing the existing banking system in Iran.

Hashemi Taba added the transparency plays a pivotal role in the country banking system which leads to production, trade and export in the country.

He also called for paying due attention to agriculture sector and luring more foreign investors to make investment in the country.

The presidential hopeful emphasized the need for sharing the Iranian technical know-how with other countries based on energy expertise, electricity, and oil.

Hailing Iranian experts capabilities, he added the Iranian engineers are building oil and gas rigs and platforms in the Persian Gulf fields.

The presidential candidate also advised the Iranian companies to have an active presence in the global market.

In the third and last group debate which was held on Friday just a week left to Iran’s presidential elections, the six candidates expressed their plans on economic challenges facing the country.

In the three-hour debate, carried live on state radio and television channels, the six presidential candidates answered questions about different economic issues including unemployment, inflation, exports, monthly cash subsidies and goods smuggling.

Over 56 million Iranians are eligible to vote in Iran’s 12th presidential elections to be held on May 19, according to Ali Asghar Ahmadi, head of the Election Headquarters of the Interior Ministry.