Iran condemns terrorist operation in Pakistan’s Balochistan

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi denounced terrorist attack on state officials’ convoy in Balochistan, Pakistan, which left scores dead and wounded, expressing sympathy with the people and government of Pakistan over the tragedy.

Wide-scale spread of terrorist acts and the entire region’s instability are masterminded by ill-wishers who see their interests in the insecurity of the Muslim states, Qasemi said.

“As we have announced repeatedly fighting against the evil phenomenon will not be possible only through slogans and its eradication requires a serious resolve, effective measures and collective cooperation,” Qasemi said.

He added that Iran has repeatedly warned against the increasing dangerous situation in a number of its neighboring states and voiced its readiness for any joint cooperation to this end.

It is strongly believed that such anti-human measures will not be ended under double standard policies and politically-motivated alliances with the real promoters of terror and violence, stressed the spokesman.