Goods smuggling hurts domestic production: Presidential candidate

IRNA – Boosting the domestic production is an issue to which the policies of the Economy of Resistance attach importance, a candidate for the forthcoming presidential election announced here.

Smuggling of goods damages domestic production, Eshaq Jahangiri said at a live televised debate on Friday.

Jahangiri, who acts as the first vice-president in President Rouhani government, put forward the issue of selling the crude oil, stressing that prevention of selling the crude is a serious policy at the Economy of Resistance.

On the banking issues, the presidential candidate said the system should raise its capital.

He further stressed the importance of paying attention to private sectors.

Jahangiri described private sector as the main axis of investment that should be supported.

During the debate with participation of five other presidential candidates, Jahangiri said he is after preserving the Iranian people’s dignity.

He, at the end of his remarks, reiterated that all capacities including the auto industry should flourish in the country. Iran, as he said, should cooperate with reputable international brands and try to export the domestic products to the international markets.

The 12th presidential election is slated for May 19.