Rouhani declares plans for next gov’t

IRNA – Presidential election candidate Hassan Rouhani published his plan for Iran’s 12th government stressing it is based on freedom, security, peace and progress, it was reported Thursday evening.

“I know that you have been tired of lack of calmness. You Iranian people want a tension-free and peaceful life and a society that is in peace.

You want a peaceful foreign policy. You want to look at the future unworriedly and live with your children, grandchildren and next generation with no concern. I have come to the field of elections to work together for building such a future,” he said at the beginning of the plan.

He added that his plan comprises ten separate sections on the country’s basic issues including economy and development of employment, political issues, cultural programs, social programs, science and technology and innovation, environment and sustainable development, health and treatment, foreign policy and defense affairs.

The full text of Rouhani’s plan for his next government is available on