Russian expert: Iran sole country capable of meeting Russia’s needs

IRNA — In the current situation, Iran can easily become a main supplier of the required products to Russia, said a Russian expert on Wednesday.

‘Today, with Russia’s trade ties and the European Union countries and the West at the ending phase, the situation is suitable for Iranian manufacturers and exporters to enter the Russian agriculture and food markets,’ said Rajab Safarov, the Russian businessman and expert of International affairs in a joint meeting with manufacturers and exporters from Tehran Province.

Pointing to last year’s decreased value of Russia-Germany trade exchange, as well as the US Congress decision to decrease or prohibit imports of the Russian-made products, he asserted that the country was facing problems in trade interactions with EU, western, Middle East and even friendly Arab countries; a situation in which Iran was the only country that could meet.

Deputy Governor of Tehran Province for economy Mohammad Emami Amin as the host of the meeting stressed on expansion of economic ties between the two countries in line with expansion of their political relations.

The official expressed the hope that given the special attention of the Russian officials to boost economic ties with Iran, the two countries would witness the expansion in the future.