Massive turnout in Iran elections, backbone of Islamic Revolution

IRNA — A senior Pakistani analyst says that Iranian people have always provided support to the Islamic Revolution by massive turnout in all elections and trust in the Islamic system which is the main reason behind the stability and strength of Iran during four decades.

In an interview with IRNA, Hasan Askari Rizvi, Professor of political science at University of Punjab said Islamic Revolution in Iran has consolidated itself because strong institutions have been established to hold clear elections and votes are regularly held for the parliament and presidency.

He went on to say that the most important achievement of the Islamic Revolution is that it continues to enjoy support of its people who are working hard for its success.

The analyst noted that the achievement of Islamic Revolution is related to its success in standing up against the external and diplomatic pressures from inside and outside the region.

‘Iran has also faced direct and indirect diplomatic and military pressure from the US and could survive all these tough pressures,’ he added.

The analyst went on to say that Iran’s attitudes on regional and global issues, including its resistance against big powers, are well-known in the world and most of the governments and organizations in the Muslim world appreciate such attitudes, but some of the governments in Muslim world see Iran from different point of view in the region because they are not happy with Iran’s resistant ideology.

He was of the view that relations between Iran and Pakistan during President Hassan Rouhani’s tenure have remained friendly and due to the JCPOA and lifting of some of the sanctions, new grounds have been created to boost Iran-Pakistan trade and economic ties.