Iran-South Korea cultural MoU to expand bilateral ties: Official

May 10, The Iran Project – Cultural agreement between Iran and South Korea can be a practical step in the development of two countries’ relations, says an Iranian senior official.

Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization for international affairs, Abbas Khamehyar and South Korea’s public diplomacy ambassador, Anna Park singed a cultural Memorandum of Understanding for the first time on Wednesday, discussing the implementation of cultural programs in 2017.

Touching upon Tehran-Seoul’s long-standing relations, Khamehyar said South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s last year visit to Iran played a significant role in expanding the two countries’ cultural ties, especially in post-sanctions era.

He also pointed to terrorism as a great danger the world community is facing with, saying all countries must pave the ground for cultural cooperation to prevent such an ominous phenomenon.

The Iranian official went on to say that the development of cultural cooperation and relations is of great important in dealing with global terrorism.

For his part, Anna Park referred to the setting of 2017 as the year of Iran- South Korea’s cultural exchanges as an effective step for the two nations to know each other better and introduced Seoul’s programs to implement the provisions of the cultural exchanges agreement.

Holding Iran- South Korea joint painting exhibition, supporting the Iranian Film Festival in South Korea, holding S. Korea crafts festival in Iran, showing Iran’s historical works at the National Museum of Gyeongju, holding joint Symphony Orchestra, and performing Korea National Opera in the country’s cultural week in Iran were among the most important programs of the Korean delegation.

Moreover, Iran’s programs included strengthening the programs of Iranian Studies and Persian Language teaching courses in South Korea’s universities, supporting the translation and publishing rich Persian language and literature to Korean, and holding Iranian cultural week in this country.

Heading the 8-member delegation from the South Korean cultural officials, South Korea’s public diplomacy ambassador, Anna Park arrived at Tehran on May 7 to develop the two countries’ cultural exchanges.