Iran’s coverage: Iran test fires high-speed torpedo in Strait of Hormuz– reports

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Iran tests superfast Hoot torpedo in Strait of Hormuz – reports

Iran has allegedly carried out a test launch of the supercavitating Hoot torpedo in the Strait of Hormuz, multiple Pentagon officials have told NBC and Fox. This is the first test of the experimental underwater technology since February 2015.

‘Saudi Arabia has grown so miserable it conspires with Israel against Iran’

Iran’s defense minister says Saudi Arabia, which has a history of teaming up with other regimes against Tehran, has now become so miserable as to ally itself with Israel against the Islamic Republic.


Seven more bodies of Iranian trapped miners found

Rescue workers have retrieved bodies of seven more miners trapped under the rubble caused by a deadly explosion on Wednesday (May 3) in a coal mine in Azadshahr, an Iranian northern city.


Destroying terrorists’ nests in Pakistan Iran’s right

Brig. Gen. Pourdastan said, in absence of serious action by the Pakistani government, Iran would gain an inalienable right to destroy hideout in the neighboring country.


Iran’s 1st newly-purchased ATR plane to arrive in Tehran next week

The first plane Iran Air has purchased from French-Italian airplane manufacturer ATR is scheduled to arrive in Tehran next week, Iran Air Managing-Director Farhad Parvaresh said on Monday.


Iran’s sacrifices averted Middle East disintegration: Velayati

A senior Iranian official says the Islamic Republic is countering terrorist organizations and groups in region, stressing that the country’s sacrifices have averted the risk of the disintegration of the Middle East.


FM urges Canada to facilitate Iranian expats’ voting in presidential election

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called on Canada to open the way for Iranians residing in the North American country to cast their ballots in the upcoming presidential election.


Raisi explains about tax exemption of foundation he runs

Iranian presidential candidate Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi has responded to the criticisms raised about the tax exemption of Astan Quds Razavi, the charitable foundation he manages.


Siemens to resume transformer supply to Iran

Germany’s Siemens plans to resume providing power transformers to Iran, the commercial director of its licensed production company says, attributing the development to Iran’s nuclear deal with six world powers.


Turkey must inform Iran of any border wall construction: Source

An informed source at the Iranian Foreign Ministry says Turkey must keep Iran updated on any construction of a wall along the two countries’ border.