Velayati & Wegger Christian Strømmen

Official: Tehran, Oslo should prepare cooperation roadmap

IRNA – Head of the Expediency Council’s Strategic Research Center Ali Akbar Velayati said here on Sunday that Iran and Norway have historical ties and to develop cooperation and removing obstacles a roadmap should be prepared.

He made the remarks in meeting with Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Webber Christian Strommen.

Velayati said that relations between the two countries dates back to 110 years ago , which indicate there were historical and valuable ties between the two states, although the volume of the relations needs more attention to be developed.

He added that Norway is an industrial state and cooperation with such country could be noticeable, while Iran to pay heed for having ties with European countries, especially those who have more independent policies.

Concerning regional issues, Velayati said that it is more than six years a crisis emerged in Syria merely for foreign interferences and support for terrorist and extremist groups and Iran is using its utmost to confront with this trend in order to create peace and stability in the region.

As for Iraq, which has the longest border with Iran, we have supported the Iraqi government and nation upon their desire and that Iran will confront any idea of disintegration of regional countries.

Velayati said that the only way to settle regional crisis is political, and Iran with collaboration of countries of the region and those interested in peace is doing measures for security and stability in the region.

Norwegian senior diplomat said during stay here, we had good consultations with the Iranian officials.

He added that following implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) bilateral relations, especially in economic witnessed growth, noticeably in the field of oil and gas.