An open letter to the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran

American Herald Tribune | Ali Salaam: To all my brothers and sisters in the Islamic Republic of Iran,

I’m writing this letter to you as an American, but more importantly, an equal in humanity, as Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib would put it.

Your presidential elections are coming up. While I will not tell you who to vote for, I think it is vital that you get some deep insight into how America works so that you may make the best decision possible. Your decision not only affects Iran, but the whole world.

Growing up, I was led to believe that Iran was the most evil country on earth. My upbringing was in a non-religious Jewish Zionist household. Some of the daunting personalities in my youth were Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, William Kristol, and Charles Krauthammer. I lived in a bubble – the American Dream only makes sense if you are sleeping. The best form of slavery is one where the slave cannot see his/her own chains, in fact, they think this hamster-wheel society is actually good for them.

When I was about the age of 18 in the year 2010, I discovered an American politician named Ron Paul. He framed the political reality in a way the myopic and divisive two-party system had not: he told the truth. I did not know that the Federal Reserve system manipulates America’s currency. I didn’t understand why the mainstream media kept Dr. Paul out of the presidential debates in 2008.

In high school, a teacher showed us a documentary that touched on America’s role in the creation of al-Qaeda through the arming of Afghan rebels against the Soviets, with the main commander on the CIA’s payroll being Osama Bin Laden.

Suddenly, my worldview began to shatter just a little bit. All the rhetoric I heard at home about Muslims would no longer be a concretely held belief in my mind.

As I grew older, and partook in independent journalism in college, I would learn that America’s two-party system is rigged. Barack Obama was carrying out the same policies as George W. Bush. Obama bailed out the same bankers who helped to crash the economy by artificially inflating the housing supply, thanks in part to the Federal Reserve’s artificial expansion of credit.

I began to understand that the same banks, corporations, and military contractors were supporting both the Democrats and Republicans. Looking around the globe, you see that the American debt-based consumerist economy is built on the blood of the rest of the world. We bomb countries to steal their resources, to impose crippling IMF debt on their nations, and to install puppet dictators who sell the West those resources well below their fair market value, part of that equation being cheap labor, such as the tens of thousands of child miners in the Congo digging for cobalt that goes to produce lithium ion batteries that power our little gadgets like cell phones so we can take an endless amount of worthless selfies, which many psychologists point to as being a product of extreme narcissism (self-obsession, ego).

No matter if a candidate like Romney or Obama won, they would still get their wars. Obama doubled down the occupation of Afghanistan – he toppled Libya because Gadaffi wanted to create a gold currency to liberate Africa from the shackles of the IMF and Federal Reserve – he sought to topple Venezuela (many think Hugo Chavez was poisoned) – and of course, helped to subvert the Iranian elections in 2009 through covert means.

Learning about world Zionism rocked my world in particular. Since I was never raised religiously, I didn’t know much about the beliefs of Talmudic Judaism, and while my dad was a Zionist, he never had me visit occupied Palestine, so I never knew the reality of the atrocities. In reality, the Zionists invaded Palestine and from day one instituted a genocide.

What most people don’t know is that the Federal Reserve is a privately-owned bank, which has the exclusive right to print America’s official currency, loan it out at interest to either other banks or the government, and then collect interest payments, either through other banks who collect interest from our mortgages, car payments, and student loans, or via the IRS who tax us to pay back what the American government owes to the private bankers.

These bankers are mostly Jewish and were fundamental in the creation of Zionism. In particular, the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, and Warburg families. The Rothschild family is whom the 1917 Balfour Declaration, expressing Britain’s support of a Zionist Jewish home in Palestine, was addressed to.

Given that much of the world’s misery and poverty comes from the Federal Reserve, IMF, and World Bank’s use of usury, it only made sense that the Zionist entity fell from that same rotten apple tree. Learning about the racist views of the Talmud that promote the notion of Jewish supremacist views, the bedrock of Zionism, was validated in my youthful experience with Jews. Now, as the Qur’an says, there is always a small group of people who stay true to God, both past and present. If someone truly lives in the path of the Prophet Moses (as), in his authentic form without the perversion of history by Jewish supremacism, then I have no problem with them. Prophet Moses, like the Prophet Muhammad (saww), certainly didn’t think that bloodline makes one suprerior to another, rather one’s good deeds, piety, compassion, integrity, and stance for justice and equity on earth is what makes someone good or bad in the eyes of Allah.

America has been losing its freedoms for a long time, since the creation of the Federal Reserve and IRS in 1913, but more importantly since the assassination of JFK. Now all our emails are being spied on; we lose our freedom of speech to speak out against the government without being put on a secretive government watch list; we cannot even own property without having to pay property taxes that don’t even go to pay for the things the governments promise to pay for (schools, roads, etc.); our freedom of religion is threatened if we are Muslim (especially if we are politically outspoken); our rights to keep and bear arms are being eroded; it is harder to home school our children if we want the freedom to make that choice; some towns make it illegal to feed the homeless, to grow organic food gardens in our own backyards, and even to collect and purify rainwater so as to be self-sufficient.

Additionally, there is considerable evidence, both scientific and political, that points to America and Israel being the perpetrators of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The above mentioned aspects of history were something I learned very shortly before I became a Muslim in December 2013.

I truly believe that America would be a much more oppressive, totalitarian police state, moreso than it is now as a soft tyranny, it would have been a hard tyranny long ago if it wasn’t for the Islamic Republic of Iran standing up to the bully. The American government is out of control and does not represent the will of the American people. Iran’s resistance to America ultimately has prevented the rights and freedoms of the American people from being eroded at an even faster pace than it is now.

Given that the bankers have an infinite supply of money, they have easily bought off most of the Western governments over the past few hundred years, including the various colonialist puppets of the Western governments, such as the Pahlavi Shah family.

So in order for my brothers and sisters in Iran to understand what is at stake here, and their vital role in shaping the future of humanity, I have to explain the history of America’s involvement in Iran. As Imam Sayed Ali Khamenei stresses, we need to have basirat, or deep insight. We may not see how America is controlled by Israel, and all the lobby efforts and think tank groups have been pressuring every president behind the scenes to be hostile towards Iran. If we don’t peel back the onion layers, then we will not understand that America and Israel do not want peace. Period.

It doesn’t matter if your president is a “reformist” or a “hardliner,” two labels that are utterly colonialist and orientalist in nature. It doesn’t matter if your president is Khatami or Ahmadinejad. America will not end its enmity towards Iran unless it submits to becoming a complete and total puppet like the Pahlavi Shah. Some people in Iran may like living under puppet rule, but as Imam Hussain (as) said, it is better to die as a free man standing on your feet, then to live on your knees as a slave in humiliation. Mental slavery and mental colonialism are serious issues, and it causes people to identify with and feel empathy for their very own oppressor, only to turn around and demonize the oppressed.

Most Americans do not know that the same advisors who surrounded Jimmy Carter – Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller – have advised every single president since Jimmy Carter, such as Ronald Reagan, who sold chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein to use against Iran. Certainly, many Iranians who may think that the American government is not as bad as it seems may not even know who Brzezinski or Rockefeller are.

Once we understand the history, with my area of expertise being in the American and Israeli aspect and their hidden power structure, then we can understand how to properly interact with America and Israel.

Let’s start from the top. Mohammad Mossadegh wanted to nationalize Iran’s oil supply, one of the biggest supplies in the world. British Petroleum, then known as the Ango-Persian Oil Company, was literally stealing oil from Iran they were purchasing it at such a cheap rate. The CIA staged a coup in 1953 to do away with this form of economic nationalism that threatened the profit margins of Western banks and corporations.

In comes the Pahlavi Shah, who reinstates BP Oil’s ability to take Iran’s natural resources at well below the fair market value.

Additionally, tyrants have also used vices, such as drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, materialism, and mindless forms of music/movies to keep the people dumb and docile so they passively accept the tyranny they live under.

With the legacy of Imam Hussain (as) and the spirit of resistance amongst true Shi’a Muslims, the Western-imported vices and debauchery didn’t sway those who were obedient servants of Allah, the Merciful Creator of all things in the heavens and the Earth.

Many of these global power players are involved in occult secret societies, who know, to a certain extent, about Islam and Ahlul Bayt (as), but since they follow Satan instead of God, their hearts are blackened to true enlightenment, though they have found a fake, incomplete, unfulfilling, and evil version of “enlightenment.” They will never truly be able to understand Islam and the spirit of Ahlul Bayt (as), given the blackness of their hearts, but they know enough to know we are a threat to their power structure.

To combat the resistant spirit of the Shi’a Muslims, the CIA & Mossad trained SAVAK, a secret police force that killed and tortured thousands of innocent people.

The Islamic principle of mouqawamah, or resistance, especially embodied in the Islam of Ahlul Bayt, was restored by Ayatollah Ruhollah al-Musawi al-Khomeini after centuries of mental colonialism that spread like a disease throughout the Islamic seminaries of the Middle East. The colonial powers had either bought off scholars, or slowly implemented a mentality of subservience to the European masters.

Imam Khomeini stated that “Islam is the religion of militant individuals who are committed to truth and justice. It is the religion of those who desire freedom and independence. It is the school of those who struggle against imperialism. But the servants of imperialism have presented Islam in a totally different light. They have created in men’s minds a false notion of Islam. The defective version of Islam, which they have presented in the religious teaching institution, is intended to deprive Islam of its vital, revolutionary aspect and to prevent Muslims from arousing themselves in order to gain their freedom, fulfill the ordinances of Islam, and create a government that will assure their happiness and allow them to live lives worthy of human beings.”

He continues by stressing that we should “Present Islam to the people in its true form, so that our youth do not picture akhunds as sitting in some corner in Najaf or Qom, studying the questions of menstruation and parturition instead of concerning themselves with politics, and draw the conclusion that religion must be separate from politics. This slogan of the separation of religion and politics and the demand that Islamic scholars not intervene in social and political affairs have been formulated and propagated by the imperialists; it is only the irreligious who repeat them.

These have been advanced by the imperialists and their political agents in order to prevent religion from ordering the affairs of this world and shaping Muslim society, and at the same time to create a rift between the scholars of Islam, on the one hand, and the masses and those struggling for freedom and independence, on the other. If you pay no attention to the policies of the imperialists, and consider Islam to be simply the few topics you are always studying and never go beyond them, then the imperialists will leave you alone.

Pray as much as you like; it is your oil they are after – why should they worry about your prayers? They are after our minerals, and want to turn our country into a market for their goods. That is the reason the puppet governments they have installed prevent us from industrializing, and instead, establish only assembly plants and industry that is dependent on the outside world. They do not want us to be true human beings, for they are afraid of true human beings. Even if only one true human being appears, they fear him, because others will follow him and he will have an impact that can destroy the whole foundation of tyranny, imperialism, and government by puppets.”

Imam Khomeini’s call for an end to imperialism in the Middle East was met by an expulsion from Iran to Najaf, Iraq. He continued to preach the Hussaini message of freedom and dignity for human beings and his son was assassinated because of it.

The Iranian people were sick of seeing thousands and thousands of people disappearing and being tortured to death, while the Shah refused to pay for infrastructure and education and instead promoted vices like alcohol and pornography to keep the people dumb and docile.

Imam Khomeini was able to inspire the people to take part in a non-violent revolution. They passed out flowers to the inhuman militarized police stormtroopers, and yet were killed by the thousands because their high spirits were much more threatening than bombs and bullets, even though they had every right to use force to overthrow occupation.

From a little cottage in France, Imam Khomeini was able to shake the arrogant powers to their core. “Hey mister, you better not declare your independence and gain human rights and dignity for your people, our CEOs need to continue to profit off your oil and Israel needs to have a Middle East that does not resist its occupation!” is essentially what Jimmy Carter said.

Both America and Iran need to learn that while our society cannot function without some sort of leadership, and our ultimate leadership comes from Allah and his righteous authorities on this Earth (prophets and imams), our political movements cannot rely solely on the leader, because if the leader is killed, the movement dies. The Islamic Revolution was in perfect balance between the spiritual leadership of Imam Khomeini and the astonishing power of the people. The revolution put the arrogant powers in a pickle. If they killed Khomeini – which they planned to bomb his house when the American helicopters illegally invaded Iran after the revolution, only to crash and burn in the desert – then the Iranian people would become even more inflamed and the revolution would continue to grow at an even faster rate. If they let Khomeini live, they were still screwed as the revolution would be successful. Look at how Allah flips the tables on the arrogant devils and even uses their own arrogance against themselves!

So the US decided to use Saddam Hussein and supply him with chemical weapons to teach Iranians a lesson.

The American people will never support a war with Iran if they were told the truth that it is a war to defend Israeli hegemony and so that a few oil cartel CEOs can fund their massive yachts, but use some Orwellian words like “threat to national security” and the sheeple will buy it.

The genius of the structure of the Islamic uprising in Iran is that while it is centered around leadership, as we cannot be without leadership in our lives, it wasn’t an unbalanced scale where if the leader is eliminated, the movement dies, as I mentioned. When Khomeini died, he was replaced by the current leader of the revolution Sayed Ali Khamenei. The Iranian people were awakened, and no matter what move the imperialists made, no matter how many people they killed, leaders or otherwise, they would always lose because they cannot kill a spirit of the people. Look at how Allah plans better than the arrogant mortal planners.

Imam returned from France and an overwhelming majority of Iranians voted in favor of an Islamic Republic.

Secular orientalists from the West, in order to justify wars and military industry profits, cry crocodile tears about how people were forced to wear hijab. When 90%+ of people vote for something, that is not forced. They are choosing this and they are not forcing us in the West to do it, so we Americans need to mind our own business.

The secular orientalist viewpoint is intimately tied into the Zionist media industry which uses hypersexualization in advertisements and entertainment.

Islam wants to protect the innocence of children away from sexual perversion and away from learning about certain things before a proper age. The Zionists have destroyed all chastity in Western society through the media and corporatism. These sexual images are beamed right into the subconscious of children from a young age and damages them in ways that do not manifest until later in life.

Islam promotes a neutral public space, where sexuality is kept in private spaces. Islam’s rules against homosexuality for instance only apply to acts of sex done in public where the risk of innocent children to see it is almost guaranteed – look at the phenomenon of gay pride parades in the West, where all kinds of deplorable acts are paraded around on the streets in public for people of all ages to witness.

Islam is a semi-libertarian religion: while homosexuality is a sin in Islam, it respects the privacy of people in their own homes to do what they want so long as it doesn’t effect other people – they are oppressing their own souls and it is between them and God.

America has had more invasive laws than Iran – laws forbidding homosexuality even in the privacy of one’s own home. Again, Islam’s rules only apply to geographical regions where the overwhelming majority of people are Muslim and voluntarily consent to an Islamic form of government. This will never be implemented in secular, pluralistic America, so hang onto your horses, anti-Sharia alarmists, there is no agenda, at least by normal Sunni and Shi’a Muslims, to implement Sharia Law in America. We are called to respect the law of the land and only to stand against laws when it infringes upon basic justice on issues that have a humanistic overlap with Islamic values.

The issue of hijab in Iran does not violate the Islamic principle of ‘no coercion in religion,’ since an overwhelming majority voted to support an Islamic Republic. People can do what they want in private and abandon their religious practices, which hopefully is not the case, but that is their choice. The public space is the neutral space where the innocence of children must be protected and women and men both must dress modestly with dignity, rather than sexually provocative and shameful.

During the Prophet Muhammad (saww)’s time, the Christians of Mecca agreed to sign the Constitution of Medina where Muslims and Christians would live in harmony with each other, though Christians would pay the same tax as the Muslims do in order to pay for the defense of Medina from the polytheists of Mecca, who had it out to destroy both Christians and Muslims. Many, though not all, of the Jewish tribes of Medina were colluding with Mecca as they have a disdain for the followers of Jesus, both Christian and Muslim.

So if the Christians during the Prophet’s time had no problem with paying khums, given that they agreed to the covenant between Muslims and Christians, then certainly the social contract of the Islamic Republic should be no different, whether the issue is khums, or hijab, or whatever other issue. It’s just a piece of cloth at the end of the day. If women knew the disgusting cesspool that is college fraternity life in America, the absolutely piggish actions of men who treat women as nothing more than a piece of meat, they wouldn’t think there is a light at the end of the no-hijab tunnel.

America and its partners have never and will never want peace with Iran. It is a fallacy to think that if Iran changed this or that about themselves, their actions, or their rhetoric, then America would be less brutish towards Iran, and may even become friendly to Iran. The only thing America may do is act like wolves in sheep’s clothing and roll back their oppression of Iran’s sovereignty by a small amount to fool the people, but that would only happen if Iran completely humiliated themselves to lick the shoes of their oppressor.

Iran was completely justified in taking of the hostages. They did not kill a single human being and achieved their goals. Compare that to a group of Pakistanis who took over a US embassy around the same time period, killed a bunch of innocent people who were just desk jockeys (as opposed to the elites in charge of the Satanic system), and they didn’t even achieve their goals.

Diplomacy with America is fine, but it has to be done with baseerah (insight), rather than being naive. Iran had a line of communication to the West through several intermediaries.

The West duped and tricked Iran the whole time, while they had a friendly face in front of Iranian officials, behind their back, the US, UK, Israel, and most Gulf Arab states (except Syria) were buttering up Saddam to attack Iran. Can you imagine, the day after a diplomatic meeting with the West, Saddam invades Iran. If the Western diplomat didn’t know about Saddam’s plan, certainly his superiors did. The Zionists and imperialists know well the tools of working through overt direct action as well as by covert, proxy action, so they can secretly get the job done without looking like they’re the ones actually doing it. Only later do we learn about the hidden hand behind the scenes.

The Reagan administration sold chemical weapons to Saddam to use on Iranian civilians. Around a million people were martyred in this 8-year war, including my wife’s uncle, Valiollah Safarali.

This war was a ploy by Israel and the US simply because Iran had the audacity to declare their independence and gain the dignity of not being colonized.

Under George HW Bush, they shot down a commercial airliner, that the US government knew was a civilian airliner due to its distinct signal, but shot it down in order to intimidate Imam Khomeini and Iran into accepting a deal, showing that America would be merciless towards innocent Iranian civilians in a war which America was the aggressor and Iran the victim.

Iran should not apologize for its revolutionary stances. What I am saying should not be considered as ‘extremist.’ Islam is about the moderate path and its tenets are very logical and align with the divine nature of the human being to embody the 99 names of Allah in our character to the best of our abilities.

Self-defense is a logical human right. Even the UN admits that those under occupation have the right to resist by any means necessary. If an armed robber breaks into your house and threatens you and your little children, CNN would call you the terrorist for shooting at the robber and would cry crocodile tears for the intruder. As Malcolm X said, the newspapers will have you loving the oppressor and hating the oppressed.

Similarly, Iran has every right to export the revolution to other oppressed people in order to teach them how to help themselves.

Israel’s slaughtering of Lebanon is one of the most savage abominable acts. So what are the people of Lebanon supposed to do, just sit back while they are riddled with bullets until they look like blood-soaked swiss cheese? No, they have every right to defend themselves.

Lebanon owes so much to Imam Khomeini for helping to establish the Party of God, Hezbollah. Their moral fortitude, faith in God, and guidance from the Ahlul Bayt (as) have made them the most formidable resistance group in history. They are not motivated by money or power, but by justice and by standing in the way of the Dajjal’s goal to turn Lebanon into a river of blood.

Hezbollah is the only group to send Israel packing with their tails between their Satanic, sadistic legs. If it wasn’t for Hezbollah, Israel would have taken Lebanon, then Syria, and then gone after Iran. In 1982, Syrian President Hafez al-Assad decided to support Lebanon against Israeli aggression because he felt that if Israel took out Lebanon, they would come for Damascus next. He was right. Ariel Sharon’s “Operation Oranim” would take over Lebanon, then Syria, take Syria’s water and then topple Damascus. This plan failed thanks to Syria and Hezbollah, and that is why the Zionist entity has been plotting diligently to take out Syria and Hezbollah.

The Islamic Resistance of Lebanon showed the world that Israel’s power is only in its deceptive politics and power games with spineless countries who kowtow to their extravagant demands. Israel are sadistic cowards on the battlefield, who can only advance through shock-and-awe air bombings and yet fail at ground combat, who have zero humanity and God is not on their side.

It is sad to see how many so-called revolutionaries do not take the side of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah when he is clearly on the right side of history. They are a self-defense and resistance group and excuse me if I will never cry one crocodile tear for an Israeli terrorist soldier even after the day I die, I ask God to protect me from the humiliation of feeling sympathy for the devil.

In spite of Iran exercising their natural right to stand up to colonial occupation, unfortunately there are House Iranian Uncle Toms, to borrow a term from Malcolm X, who feel the need to apologize and suck up to the oppressor, either intentionally due to moral corruption or unintentionally due to naivety and lack of baseerah. For the latter, may Allah guide them to the truth. For the former, may Allah protect us from their spineless actions.

Whether former President Khatami was morally corrupt or naïve and intellectually feeble is not something I want to make an assumption about for fear of doing gheebat (backbiting), but let me at least discuss the facts of his approach. As much as I disagree with Khatami’s approach, I do not want to disrespect him or attack him personally, but just focus on letting his actions speak for itself.

While not solely responsible, he played a role in the increase of the allure of Western culture, materialism, and hypersexuality by promoting ‘free expression.’ The BBC Documentary Iran and the West credited him with starting this liberalization movement.

As I’ve said before, many of the things we think are freedom are actually enslavement. As Malcolm X’s martyred grandson Malcolm Shabazz said, people walk around as slaves and yet think that they are free. We are all slaves to something – we can be slaves to materialistic things like money, clothes, and sex, or we can be slaves to the divine, infinite Creator, Allah. Taking clothes off does not equal freedom, and it ends up making us mentally enslaved to our materialistic desires. People who are mentally enslaved are easily controlled.

All the blood of the martyrs would be wasted if Iranians became pre-occupied with their own desires that the revolution would collapse and the West could re-colonize Iran. By the grace of God, that didn’t happen, although you can see how Pandora’s Box of immoral Western culture has infected Iranian society.

Cultural warfare is often more dangerous than bombs and bullets. You can only get a military to intimidate a people for so long, and they don’t mentally and morally accept being subjugated, but if you can brainwash people, you can subjugate them and they will think that it is good for them.

Khatami thought that toning down his rhetoric and apologizing for Iran would make America treat Iran better. America will never want peace with Iran until they give up their independence and go back to being a profitable colony and a country that does not stand up to Israel.

How could he not see that America was working with Saddam to attack Iran all the while the West was pretending to be diplomatic with Iran, with the invasion coming literally the next day after the end of a diplomatic meeting with the West.

Khatami even gave an interview with Christiane Amanpour. According to the BBC documentary, Amanpour said she was dating a member of the US State Department during the time of the interview. The job of a journalist is to be a watchdog on the government, not to be in bed with the government, both literally and metaphorically in the case of Christiane Amanpour. She is one of the biggest propagandists for the war machine. Research Operation Mockingbird, where the CIA put their agents in the newsrooms of major American media outlets to help skew their reporting in favor of American imperial interests.

Also, Khatami was fully willing to give America valuable intel on Afghanistan to help them defeat the Taliban. What did America do? It used the invasion to get control of Afghanistan’s opium fields and turn Afghanistan into the producer of 90% of the world’s heroin supplier, flooding the world with cheap heroin, and especially cheap for their neighbors Pakistan and Iran.

It’s easy for the Zionist media to point the finger at the Iranian government for poverty and drug use in Iran – since the media serve as lapdogs for the war machine, of course they will overlook facts like crippling sanctions and the CIA running the opium trade out of Afghanistan. The flood of cheap heroin lowered the cost of illicit drugs globally, making heroin more accessible here in the US. Most of the people whom I attended high school with had at least tried heroin once. Many young people have died from it. Aside from its illicit use, Afghan opium partly supplies legal pharmaceutical painkillers. There is an epidemic of legal prescription drug abuse and overdoses thanks to the CIA’s control of the Afghan opium supply.

One of the values that I grew up with was that Dr. Ahmadinejad was an evil man. Only when I actually sat down and listened to his speeches, did my entire worldview shatter.

He talked about how the unity of continuous line of the Prophets of God from Adam to Mohammad should be reflected in the unity of mankind, and how it is the evil and greed of a segment of the population of mankind that prevents us from living in God’s kingdom on earth.

Not only that, he brings attention to the real issues caused by such greed, such as the occupation of Palestine, or the fact that 9/11 was committed by America and its allies in Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The fact that the 9/11 truth movement started out with the victims’ families just goes to show that Iran has stood up for Americans more than our own evil government that has covered up the crime of 9/11 to this very day.

Muslims shouldn’t be superficially apologizing for 9/11 and spinelessly saying the mantra of “Islam isn’t terrorism” – we need to actually tell the truth that Islam had zero to do with 9/11 and that 9/11 was a false flag operation.

Only when we talk about who really did it can we even pretend to want to bring justice for the thousands that died on that day.

Dr. Ahmadinejad deserves the respect of Americans for standing up for our right to know the truth about 9/11.

Am I saying he is a perfect man? Only the Ahlul Bayt (as) are perfect. Am I saying the Iranian system is 100% spotless? Of course not, I take this all from an academic approach.

The problems we have, whether in America or Iran, start with the people. The Qur’an says that Allah doesn’t change a society until we change ourselves first. Even the infallible Prophet Muhammad (saww), when he took Mecca for the Muslims, couldn’t make a perfect society. It’s not meant to be that way. You still had Abu Sufyan.

Instead of blaming Ahmadinejad or Rahbar Khamenei, we need to blame ourselves first. If Iran were to undergo 50 regime changes in 100 years, I guarantee that most of the people who currently hold government jobs would get re-hired under the new system, only to have the same problems as the old system. The Islamic Revolution wasn’t only about resistance to the outward devils in the political world, additionally it is about us turning inward and battling our own oppressive devils within our own souls that tempt us towards greed, arrogance, hard-heartedness, jealousy, and corruption.

Imam Khamenei is the leader of the revolution. He is not an absolute dictator. It is up to the people to follow him and to follow the commands of Allah and Ahlul Bayt (as). He can only do so much as a human being other than to guide the people and safeguard the revolution.

However, if Ahmadinejad was the president of my country, I would be proud.

Who else would stand up to the arrogant powers like that, not just on a political level, but on a spiritual level with his invocation of the divine, compassionate messages of the Prophets and Imams of God?

They’re only going after him because he was president of Iran during 2006, when Iran supported Hezbollah’s brave and victorious resistance against the sadistic Israeli invasion.

He was also tight with Hugo Chavez. So of course the US and Israel would covertly engineer the color revolution of 2009 as revenge for Israel’s walk of shame in 2006.

If it wasn’t for the current Islamic Republic, Iran would still be a slave to BP Oil and the Federal Reserve, with the CIA/Mossad-trained SAVAK torturing their people. The only other sizeable group with power was MEK, a pseudo-Marxist military cult.

Imam Khomeini was the only leader who stood for the political and spiritual freedom of the Iranian people and Muslims in general. No government on earth is perfect, so it is intellectually dishonest to hold imperfections in the Iranian government as a reason for pushing for complete and total regime change and an abandoning of the revolutionary path.

Because without the revolution, Israel would have slaughtered every man, woman, and child in Lebanon. Khomeini prevented that, and as the Qur’an says, to save a life is as great a good deed as saving all of humanity.

You have to understand that America has had a plan to destroy Iran since 1979. Israel’s Oded Yinon Plan from the 1980s calls for destabilizing neighboring Arab countries by breaking them up into smaller states along ethnic and sectarian lines. The Clean Break strategy written by dual Israeli-American citizens Richard Perle and Douglas Feith further calls for the destruction of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

Even further, a think tank called the Project for the New American Century, co-founded by William Kristol and Robert Kagan, issued a white paper in the year 2000, a year before 9/11, calling for toppling Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and others. In order to justify such dramatic military expansion, the paper stated that they would need “a new Pearl Harbor.” That’s right. These people were calling for America to be attacked to fulfill their sick imperialist fantasy. The co-signers of this white paper were all major officials in the Bush administration: Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, Robert Zoellick, Richard Perle, and more.

Additionally, General Wesley Clark, in the year 2007, confessed to two meetings in 2001 where he learned that the US wanted to take out 7 countries in 5 years, including Iran.

While General Clark’s meetings were secret at the time, the Project for the New American Century’s white papers were not secret. How could Khatami not take the time to research America’s politics, and the people behind the scenes?

That is why I respect Javad Zarif. He is smart about diplomacy, he is not naive.

William Kristol of PNAC advised Obama on toppling Libya to take out Gadaffi, while Robert Kagan of PNAC served in the US State Department under Obama, where he helped to shape policy towards Syria and Ukraine, ultimately funding Salafist, al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria that would morph into ISIS. This power structure that wants to take over the world continued under Obama from Bush, and it continues under Trump to this day. I repeat: America does not want peace with Iran.

Israel also doesn’t want peace with Iran. They have a secret nuclear weapons program, revealed by whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu. Yet they lie continuously about Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons.

Research Israel’s “Samson Option.” It is not pretty. They fully intend to kill all life on earth with their nuclear weapons as a last resort to save themselves. Only Allah, Imam Mahdi (aj), and Jesus can protect us from that.

Now, I do not hate anyone because of different political beliefs, in America or elsewhere. Unless they are openly apologetic for the war machine then we have a problem.

So for my Iranian brothers and sisters, please don’t take offense to what I’ve said if you disagree with me.

Why is it that many Iranians, especially many living outside of America in places like Los Angeles, are so quick to blame every single problem on Ahmadinejad, but roll out the red carpet for Bush, Obama, Clinton, etc. and don’t apply the same scrutiny to these mass murdering war criminals?

I have no respect for people who do not respect themselves, who get down on their knees and lick the shoes of the oppressors.

Obama and Clinton gave rise to ISIS through their brutal policies of covert regime change in Libya and Syria, and yet they get a free pass?

This is shameful and humiliating mental slavery. The powers that be don’t care or respect Iranians – they just like when certain Iranians say things that serve their agenda.

Like the house negroes of the past, there are house slaves in every demographic who rush to their oppressors in order to demonize the oppressed and their right to resistance.

This is not unique to Iran, this happens too in Lebanon with Hezbollah, the only force who stops the Zionists and the takfiris from turning the Lebanese people into Swiss cheese with all the bullet holes the Israelis would have put into innocent Lebanese.

Yet people want to suck up the Israeli oppressor who doesn’t want peace with Lebanon. They want Lebanon as their slave. America doesn’t want peace with Iran, until Iran becomes their slave again.

This political brown nosing doesn’t even achieve the goals of the sellouts. Take Trita Parsi of NIAC for example, they sucked up to Obama like a lapdog, spewed every negative story about the Iranian government they could in order to please their masters in D.C., and yet what happened when the Visa Waiver bill rolled around? They lobbied and lobbied, hoping that their propaganda for regime change in Iran would lead to the US government doing them a favor in return.

Obama signed the Visa Wavier bill anyways, so these sellout Iranians humiliated themselves for nothing. If they can’t even gain favor with someone like Obama, certainly they can’t gain favor with Trump.

Not only that, a few of these NIAC types, including Cyrus Habib, took part in the DNC primaries. Get this, the sellouts complain about democracy in Iran, yet took part in the subversion of American democracy by serving as superdelegates in the DNC primary to help rig the election in favor of Clinton, having a greater power as a primary voter than an average American Democratic party delegate who earned the right to be there.

Why even think that the US government, who literally created ISIS to destroy Islam, Iran, and especially Iran’s partners in Syria and Lebanon, would ever want peace? Why think that the US media is on our side, when CNN referred to the massacring of over 100 innocent Shi’a Muslim civilians in Kafariya/Fu’a, Syria as a ‘hiccup’?

As I mentioned above, I am not telling you who to vote for. However, do not vote for someone based on what you think America will think of your president.

The oppressor has zero right to dictate to the oppressed how they can act, what they can say, and what they must think.

Focus on what is best for Iran and for the world based on your standards, not America’s. If you do so, you will be on the right side of history and the world will respect you for respecting yourself.

I have faith in you, the people of Iran. I know a majority of Iranians are awake, regardless of your level of religiosity, I know that you still believe in and are part of the revolutionary spirit and that you are not fooled by the tricks of the Zionist-occupied, banker-owned American government. I am inspired by your commitment to your principles and your resilience in the face of years of war, sanctions, and sabotage.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, Iran is the only country which stands for Islamic Unity and against sectarianism. The Zionist plot to divide Sunnis and Shias is so that Muslims can ‘bleed each other,’ as they put it. They want to see us live in misery rather than in prosperity.

We Americans are working hard to stand up to our own government’s oppression and we hope that one day we will not be sanctioning you any longer nor sending guns and money to ISIS terrorists. It helps our cause when the oppressed people of the world stand up for their rights against the American bully. A check on America’s power abroad reciprocates as a check on America’s power at home.

Hopefully I have educated you on many hidden aspects of America’s history and hidden power structure, and I hope I presented it in the most humble, factual way possible. Feel free to research everything I have said.

We are all equals in humanity and I pray for a world where we all can live decent lives according to Allah’s universal justice, no matter what our race or religion. To achieve such a world, we have to work for it. We have to resist, we have to improve our communities and societies. Become more compassionate people towards our neighbors, towards the oppressed moustadhafeeen. We need to resist evil. The return of Imam Mahdi (aj) will not be achieved by passivism, but by activism.

Together, we can achieve a world worth passing down to our children and grandchilden, if we wake up and stand on principle, with dignity, rather than living on our knees in humility.

I hope to visit Iran one day, the country that I grew up believing was the evilest place on earth. My awakening is thanks only to Allah – now I know you are not evil and that we can connect as equal human beings.