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Iran slams ISIL missile attack on school in Mosul

MNA – Iran has strongly condemned the ISIL missile attack on a school in western part of Mosul, Iraq, which killed more than 80 civilians.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi strongly condemned a missile attack carried out by terrorists on a school in Mosul’s ISIL-held western side on Thursday, and expressed his sympathy to the Iraqi nation and government over the death of dozens of civilians.

“Sponsors of terrorism in the region and particularly in Iraq take certain measures to draw out the decisive battle in Mosul and its full liberalization by the Iraqi Army and popular forces, and by doing this, they cause the continuation of such crimes against humanity; however, we are now hearing the sound of ISIL’s bones being crushed in Iraq,” Ghasemi said on Friday.

He went on to stress that the united nation and government of Iraq will soon eliminate all terrorism roots across their whole country.

More than 80 civilians, including 29 women and 18 children, were killed by a missile attack in Iraq’s northern city of Mosul on Thursday. The attack targeted a school in the city’s ISIL-held western side, where civilians had sought shelter.

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