Saudi Arabia channels Bulgarian weapons transfer to terrorists in Syria

American Herald Tribune– The Bulgarian newspaper “Trud” published a report on April 21, 2017 about an investigation into the supply of Bulgarian weapons to the terrorists in Syria, shipped through Saudi Arabia.

In early April, ship so called “Marianne Danica” arrived the biggest port of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, which hosts the kingdom’s royal navy forces as well as a group of American troops, under the flag of Denmark, after it left the port of Burgas on March 28th, loaded with tons of weapons.

According to the newspaper, the ship was listed as transporting dangerous cargo – “Hazard A” (Major), which refers to the transport of explosives and weapons. After 8 hours dangerous cargo is unloaded at the port of Jeddah and the ship sails back to Burgas. The weapons were not intended for Saudi Arabia, as Saudi army are only equipped almost exclusively with US and UK weaponry.

In December last year Trud’s team found Bulgarian weapons manufactured at the arms factory “VMZ-Sopot”, in 9 warehouses for terrorists “Al-Nusra Front” in eastern Aleppo, Syria. There were two million shells and rockets CITY 4000 from Bulgaria – all of which had fallen into the hands of the terrorists in boxes with inscriptions in Bulgarian language designating Bulgaria as the country of origin and sender. Other boxes contained 122-millimeter rockets town with a range of up to several kilometers. In addition, terrorists have used Bulgarian ammunition with caliber 73 mm anti-tank guns and anti-tank projectiles caliber 40 mm RPG.

“VMZ-Sopot” hasn’t given any comment and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia said it will not answer the question of where Saudi Arabia sent the Bulgarian arms. But one of the commanders in “The Free Syrian Army,”  Malik al-Kurdi, said that Saudi Arabia, together with security services of 15 other countries, were supplying terrorists in Syria with weapons under the pretext of helping the “moderate opposition”. Along with its offshoot, al-Nusra, al Qaeda is part of the so-called “moderate rebels” engaged in Syria in something of a repeat of the US-backed operation in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Saudi Arabia’s role in channeling weapons to terrorists in syria was busted eariler in 2013 after the alleged gas attack in Khan al-Assel village west of Aleppo. Back then, Yahya Ababneh, a reporter on the ground in East Ghouta, collected the testimonies of witnesses who said certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the gas attack.  The Mint Press News report, which was contributed to by Dale Gavlak, quotes a female insurgent fighter who makes the link to Saudi Arabia clear.