Hakan Tekin

Turkey considers Iran partner not rival: Envoy

IRNA – Turkish Ambassador to Iran Reza Hakan Takin said that his country considers Iran its partner not a rival and if there is a competition between them, it could be constructive.

Addressing a meeting of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations late on Tuesday, he referred to Iran and Turkey’s bilateral and regional ties, saying that the Middle East experienced a transition after Arab Spring, although it was viewed differently.

The developments instilled hope in the region that the people will play a greater role in their governments, he said, adding that no elections are held in most of the regional states.

Turkey’s policy is that all the countries should be run based on the models their people want, he said.

“Iran and Turkey are very close to each other and one of privileges of the two countries is good relations between their nations, as they had done nothing to harm mutual ties,” he said.

Referring to similarities between the two countries, he said that they have similar cultural history and high economic capacities.

Iran and Turkey are the two main non-Arab states in the region, he said.

“We have never wanted Iran to get isolated,” he said, noting that over the past years, many attempted to isolate Iran but Turkey voted in favor of Iran in many organizations and even in the UN Security Council.