Iran English language newspaper headlines on Tuesday, 02-05-2017

Iran Daily

Incumbent administration generated 2m jobs
President Hassan Rouhani has defended his administration’s performance in creating new jobs.

North Korea warns of nuclear test ‘at any time’
North Korea warned Monday that it will carry out a nuclear test “at any time and at any location” set by its leadership, in the latest rhetoric to fuel jitters in the region.

Palestinian mass hunger strike gains more popular support
Popular support for a hunger strike by hundreds of Palestinians imprisoned by Israel has been gaining momentum with West Bank marches, sit-ins and a social media campaign showing video clips of celebrities from across the Arab world drinking salty water in solidarity.

EU: US should honor JCPOA commitments
The US has to honor its commitments regarding Iran nuclear deal, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi on Monday quoted an EU official as saying.

French candidate: EU must reform or face ‘Frexit’
The front-runner in the French presidential election warned on Monday that the EU must reform or face the prospect of “Frexit”.

Navy commander: Only regional states can ensure security in Persian Gulf
Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari criticized the presence of extra-regional powers in the region, stressing that only regional countries are capable of maintaining security in the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Oman and the entire Middle East.

Larijani: $200b spent for construction of ‘empty’ apartments
Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani stressed the necessity of efficient use of the country’s income, saying that $200 billion of the country’s money was spent for construction of apartments during the previous government, which are empty now.

Top judge vows Iran’s response to attack on border guards
Iran’s Judiciary chief warned supporters of the terrorists who killed a number of Iranian soldiers on the border with Pakistan last week that their crime is not going to go unanswered.

Police break up int’l network of cocaine distributors
Iran’s police forces have broken up an ‘international’ network of cocaine distributors in an operation north of the country.

Tehran Times

High election turnout signifies share in political system: academic
Professor Nader Entessar from South Alabama University is of the opinion that massive participation in elections can signify that people “have a stake” in their country’s political system.

Iran’s crude steel export up 27% yr/yr
Iran exported 5.5 million tons of crude steel in the past Iranian calendar year 1395 (ended on March 20), with 27% increase from the figure of its preceding year, Iranian Steel Manufacturers Association’s Secretary Rasoul Khalifeh-Soltan told ISNA.

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani to open Tehran Intl. Book Fair today
Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani is scheduled to open the 30th edition of the Tehran International Book Fair at the Shahr-e Aftab (Sun City) Fairground today.

Central banks to stay looser longer than markets expect
This is a busy time for major central banks.

Hamas to name new leader, renew ‘resistance’ charter
The Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas says it is to name a new leader over the coming days.

International Workers Day marked in Iran
An Iranian worker holds a placard in his hand, which reads “Happy workers day,” May 1, 2017.

Larijani rules out campaign promises to triple cash handouts
The Iranian parliament speaker disagreed strongly on Monday with campaign pledges to triple cash handouts to Iranians, saying there are not enough financial resources to do so.

Inconsistent voice heard from Washington: Iran
The Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Monday that Iran has not put talks with the U.S. on issues other than nuclear deal on agenda, noting “different” and “paradoxical” voices are being heard from Washington.

Britain under pressure over Iran ties: Jack Straw
Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said that the British government is under pressure from Americans and Israelis as well as Saudis and Emiratis over its relations with Iran.

Violation of nuclear deal would be ‘dangerous and divisive’: LA Times
President Donald Trump continues to send dangerously mixed signals to Tehran that could jeopardize the international nuclear agreement and divide the United States from its allies, the Los Angeles Times reported.